Term paper cover page formats – make them as simple as possible

In your effort to make an impression, you might fall into the trap of making a cover page extremely attractive and fancy looking. With a colorful border and small figures on the sides, your term paper would look like the cover of an interesting crime novel. Unfortunately for you, this is not acceptable at all to those who are going to evaluate your work. You need to ensure that the term paper cover page format that you follow is not only simple, but also informative at the same time. As a student, you need to remember that this is academic writing and not any other kind of presentation where your skills as an artist are tested.

Make sure that the following information is present on your term paper cover page

Your full name – give your first and last name (eg. Melanie Crawford)
The registration number of your school (as your Administrator; all schools have one)
The title of the term paper that you are writing (make sure it’s not too long)
The class you are studying in (eg. Grade X or GCSE I)
The name of your teacher to whom you will submit your term paper
The period or the term for which you are submitting this paper
The date on which you actually submit your term paper

When you are trying to learn the rules about term paper cover page formats there will be ten different people to give you at least 20 different ideas. Please do not make the mistake of listening to any of these ideas. Not only will they mislead you; they will also land you in a soup. Instead of that, get in touch with this website for the right kind of guidance. Since our writers have been guiding students for a very long time, it is not a problem at all to give you the right kind of help.

Use of font

This is a common area of doubt for many students. One says: I like the Comic Sans font – it looks really cool! Sorry, but you really cannot use it. Another one says: the Algerian font looks classy – has this Gothic look to it! Sorry, but you cannot use this either. Once again, let us reiterate here that this is an academic piece of writing and not anything else. You need to stick to fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana or something that is as simple and straightforward as these three. Anything else is bound to get you into trouble. One of the worst things that could happen to a student is the loss of marks because of a wrong term paper cover page format. Therefore, get in touch with us if you have a doubt about the format – we will help you sort it out.

There should be no more problems if you have gone through this article completely. If you still feel a little unsure about term paper cover page formats, do call us or mail us and we will ensure that you have it all.