Once the topic of term is finalized, an important pre-requisite to term paper writing is to draft an initial term paper proposal. A term proposal needs to be written with a clear intention of –
· Selling your concept or topic of research
· Providing visibility of your research understanding, planning, design and methodology
· Getting approval from the necessary people

Writing a term proposal is one of the foundation steps of quality term paper writing and hence should never be completed in a hurried manner. Since it is the basis of research, one must perform proper investigation to complete the following components of a term proposal.
1. First of all, there needs to be a well-formulated thesis statement. Here are a few guidelines to write a thesis statement-
· A thesis statement not only contains the topic but also an opinion or outlook of the researcher toward his selected topic.
· A thesis statement should be close-ended unlike a research topic or research problem. This complements term paper proposal since there is a definite answer in the proposal that one can look out for.
2. Emphasize on the necessity of research- The purpose or aim of research is already partly covered in topic and research statement. However, a separate pointer on the project need highlights the importance of the project. This is the central part to sell your idea and invite necessary attention required for research approval. This part of proposal can either be at the beginning or even at the end of the proposal document.
3. The main body of an term paper proposal should consists of the following items:
· Introduction and background to the concept of research topic.
· Term paper outline briefly describing the parts of the research paper itself.
· A brief explanation of the approach and methodology of research to be used
· Benefits and drawbacks of research (if any)
· If any previous research was performed on the selected topic, then how is your research different from the previous one?
4. A research needs to be result oriented, hence always mention the expected result in clear words.
5. Expected timeline of research completion.
6. A bibliography of sources of information to be used for completing the actual research. These sources can be both primary and secondary and can range from databases, websites to personally conducted interviews. This shows how much planning has been put in place for conducting the research.
7. The document should be comprehensive but at the same time crisp and should be completed in a maximum of three to four pages.
An improperly drafted research proposal will cover up even if the research itself is not ideal, hence to get it right one can also take professional help in drafting research proposals for your research to be successful.

If one wants to sell his concept, advertisement is crucial stepping stone. Similarly, proper drafting of term paper proposal becomes an integral part of research and practice.