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–    A clear-cut thesis statement that lays down in no uncertain terms, the agenda that you have for the term paper. This is a description of what you are going to examine in the course of your term paper. If there is insufficient clarity in this, it becomes quite difficult to proceed. This statement is given at the beginning of the term paper. Whether it is math term paper or a literature term paper, the thesis statement needs to be quite clearly mentioned.

–    When you start putting the facts of a term paper together, it is important to keep in mind the format that is followed in the college or university that you study in. Most of the time, the format remains the same. However, there could be a few changes in terms of font size and citation style that you might have to change. Please make sure that you mention this in your instructions to us and we will incorporate the same to make sure that your term paper is accepted. Look at our term paper samples or research paper examples for guidance.

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