One of the important stepping stones towards writing a winning thesis is writing a good thesis introduction. This is a general introduction to what the thesis is all about and not just a description of the contents of each section. This is a birds-eye view of the answers to the main questions answered later in the thesis.
When your examiners read your thesis, there are a few significant answers that they are looking out for. These are:
• what is this student’s research question or research paper topic?
• is it a good question? (has it been answered before? is it a useful question to work on?)
• did the student convince me that the question was adequately answered?
• has the student made an adequate contribution to knowledge?

Hence, these points need to be addressed during writing your thesis introduction to capture the examiners’ attention and get approval for your thesis.

Thesis introduction has to contain the following information:

1. The thesis paper topic or question- Briefly summarize the thesis question which you will be stating later in your project document), some of the reasons why it is a worthwhile question, and perhaps give an overview of your main results.
2. The thesis topic preface, or the background information on the thesis paper topic;
3. The goals you are going to achieve; briefly describe the major issues to be addressed by your research.
4. The tasks to complete in order to attain the goals, or the direction of the thesis research development;
5. Set the boundaries of your proposed research in order to provide a clear focus.
Always remember that a thesis is a formal document: every item must be in the appropriate place, and repetition of material in different places should be eliminated. You can refer to other thesis writing tips for this purpose.

Basically a thesis introduction should solve the following purpose:

• It has to attract the readers to get acquainted with the entire thesis paper;
• It has to make the readers understand what the thesis paper is about;
• The thesis paper introduction allows you to explain why you consider your thesis paper topic to be important.
• The thesis paper introduction has to be printed on a separate page.
• It needs to be concise and not too elaborate.
• You should not use any new terms within your thesis introduction. Even if you have no choice but to use some term, you had better explain its meaning by means of giving a simple definition. Mostly it should be written in simple language.

You should write your thesis introduction once you have completed most you’re your thesis writing. This ensures that you yourself understand your whole project completely and determine the best way to introduce your thesis to the readers or examiners. It is also advisable to get writing help from experts to make your thesis a success.