Business classes can be demanding at times especially when you are finally asked to write that crucial research paper. Sometimes the professor even asks you to select the topic. This is usually a way of testing a student’s creative ability. For a student, selecting topics can be blessing in disguise. This is because you have a variety of possible options to choose from. The presence of so many options can also present challenges to students trying to narrow down options to find the right topic for them. We have compiled some tips to help guide students through this process.

Are You Familiar with How to Select the Best Business Research Paper Topic?

Choices for business topics can sometimes be challenging. So how do you narrow them down? To find the right topic for his or her business research paper, a student has to consider some factors:

  • Knowledge base. Students rush to select topics that seem good but end up getting stuck or writing a poor paper because they lack a good knowledge base on the subject. Always choose what you know about since it will show in the discussions.
  • Avoid obvious choices that have a higher probability of being selected by other students. Having a good unique topic will highlight your creative ability.
  • Size of the topic. Narrow down wide topics to fit the requirements of your paper and avoid topics that are already too narrow.
  • Sometimes students choose complex topics as a way of trying to impress professors. Always select a topic that you can manage within the given time and one that you can highlight your strengths.

Some Interesting Business Research Paper Topics for You

Here are some interesting topics we have gathered for you to get the idea of what is expected.

  • Ethics should be a major part of business education.
  • Start-ups require money to succeed.
  • Crypto-currency mining business is a lost cause.
  • Parents should teach children how to save money at an early age.
  • Corruption in business cannot be stopped.
  • It is better to start a business than work for a company.
  • Common advertising strategies for high-end products today.
  • Saving money has become overrun by spending.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing marketing services.
  • “The customer is always right” as an effective slogan for businesses.
  • The impact of corruption on a specific country’s economy.
  • Effects of social media on the tourism industry.
  • Effect of government policies on the growth of small businesses.
  • Ways of building a start-up into a successful business.
  • Ways in which international conflicts affect international and local businesses.
  • Effects of corruption in third world countries.
  • Effect of globalization on consumer behavior.
  • Ways in which social media has changed the marketing of high-end
  • Importance of diversity of personnel in the business.
  • Charity is a marketing strategy for companies.
  • Impacts of negative publicity affect businesses today.
  • Pros and cons for a private company worker joining a union.
  • Ways of dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace as a human resource manager.
  • Effects of technology on enhancing criminal activities in the business world.
  • Fast food businesses are a success today.
  • The pros and cons of family businesses.
  • The positive and negative effects of computerization of businesses.
  • Approaches to maintaining a healthy work environment.
  • Current trends in the food industry in the U.S
  • The history of retail companies.
  • The effect of petroleum mining on a country’s economy
  • The concept and impact of changes in product pricing according to seasons.
  • The impact of monopolies on the market.
  • Effects of the government shutdown on the business sector in a country.
  • Strategies the government uses to protect small businesses.

Some Intriguing Business Research Paper Questions

Some topics can be in the form of questions. Here are some examples:

  • How can white collar crimes be reduced?
  • Is there a glass ceiling for business women?
  • What factors contribute to the culture of consumerism?
  • Will crypto-currency replace paper money?
  • Do businesses need human resource departments?
  • Are team building exercises effective in motivating employees?
  • Is social media the new advertising platform?
  • Is corporate image important to companies today?
  • Which are the best countries to invest in currently?
  • What is the effect of feminism on the sales of female products in the U.S?

Interesting Business Research Paper Ideas

Some ideas for research paper topics on business that students can explore.

  • The culture of consumerism.
  • Current management strategies.
  • Substituting human labor for machines
  • Internet commerce in the world today.
  • The motion picture industry

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