Not all students have mastered the secret of responding to contentious subject matters as directed by their professors. Most first-year students look for topics that make their homework easy.

On the other hand, college lecturers are not in the business of making you any softer. They understand that research assignments can be a hard nut to crack to some students. They will give you provocative issues to discuss. Such debatable matters have contradictions or a wide array of opinions. Brilliant writers know that perfect discussions for such assignments come from the most recent social, cultural, and political debates.

You will find examples of topics for a controversial research paper discussed here. We give free professional pieces of advice to students on how to analyze and use an open mind approach when selecting and writing these essays. It is easy for you to choose topics for research from a range of headlines in newspapers and magazines. Even when exploring these sources, it’s advisable to rush for easy controversial research paper topics as they are straightforward. Issues discussed globally are the best catch for teachers to measure analytical skills and general opinions of their learners. Current affairs form heated public debates that stimulate different emotional responses. As you prepare a research paper of this nature, take a position on the matter and conclusively give your recommendations.

Which Are The Most Interesting Controversial Research Paper Topics?

The contemporary world has seen huge developments in the fields of research, technology, security, and culture. These areas are dubbed contentious since they elicit heated arguments. As a writer, you are required to have an honest opinion about any of them. We have highlighted a few of them below to trigger your thinking:

  • Immigration
  • Guns control
  • Social media
  • Climate change

A good researcher analyzes the topic based on the popularity of the matter and picks the best controversial research paper topics. Climate change, for example, is one of the most debated issues around the world. Environmentalists blame human activities for increased global warming. Antagonists to the idea argue that there is no scientifically proven climatic pattern that connects social businesses to the menace. A wise student will pick one side of this issue and object the other, giving clear reasons but with an open mind. See a long list of such controversial discussions for college students below:

  1. Muslim women and religion
  2. Bisexuality in church
  3. Copyright does not help curb duplication
  4. Islam and terrorism
  5. The Mexico wall and immigration
  6. Gay people and adoption of children
  7. Gun control in the US
  8. Genetically modified foods
  9. Lowering consent age
  10. Teenage marriages
  11. Legalization of marijuana
  12. Ethics of plastic surgery
  13. Racist presidents
  14. Capital punishment
  15. Pro-life and pro-choice in abortion
  16. Morality of animal testing
  17. Strength of social media advertising
  18. Education in colleges is profit-driven
  19. Global warming
  20. Violence in media
  21. The future of print newspapers
  22. Drinking age
  23. TV and moral standards
  24. Gender equality in sports
  25. Influence of pop culture on youth
  26. Legalizing prostitution
  27. Iranian nuclear program
  28. US –China trade wars
  29. Women suffrage movements
  30. Mass shootings in US
  31. Creationism vs. evolution theory
  32. Usefulness of traditional libraries in the digital era

Looking at the above samples, the argument should elicit some controversy. It is good, therefore, to put the points of good controversial research paper topics very clear. For instance and from the list above, social media advertising is another publicly discussed area, contentiously dividing scholars into two groups. One side argues that the advancements in social media advertising are key to globalization. The other faction believes that this form of online marketing has brought more harm than good to the traditional businesses. In such a case, the student should investigate this controversy. In such topics for controversial research paper, one can show how social media and improved technology has enhanced ease of transacting. For instance, you can take a section of the world market and analyze it by comparing firms using online tech and those not using the platforms. It’s also prudent to give an honest opinion that objectively cuts across both sides of the matter at hand.

These topics can be debated at all academic levels. The kind of contentious issues discussed at high school levels is no different from those in college. The teachers, however, evaluate the responses of the students based on their level of schooling. While essays done in lower academic classes involve minimal critical thinking, college controversial research paper topics are meant to assess your critical judgment. These forms of assignments help students to apply what they have learned in class to real-world problems. It is, therefore, advisable for a writer to spend a lot of their time doing research and analyzing credible sources on global issues. Many people hate reading; it’s boring to sit down to look at a newspaper for hours. Likewise, undergraduates would prefer to watch the news rather than go through a news article. Well, one doesn’t have to read materials to acquaint themselves with a current affair or other academic issues. Whatever is said on TVs and films is the same material that someone else will put into writing. The information is communicated in soft. Whatever the channel, you need to select what to use for your homework carefully.

How to Choose Controversial Research Paper Topics for College Students

Professors will most likely give you a specific or particular issue to extrapolate. The discussions taken by these teachers are likely to be divisive in regards to social, political, or spiritual beliefs. The subject matter could be asking students to discuss religion or civil matters. They could sound like good topics for a controversial research paper to the ears of the lecturers, but they could unleash a revolutionary debate among students. Sometimes, readers go to the extent of fighting verbally due to the criticality of the disagreements. That is why it’s advisable to practice controlled classroom debate that incorporates self-training on conflict management. The best policy when writing on a subject of controversy is to avoid social issues that may unreasonably cause tension or hate among the audience.

Experts pick topics that they have basic knowledge on. We advise college students to challenge themselves by igniting debate on unexplored areas. By brainstorming and rereading different sources, the learners broaden their minds beyond their comfort zones. Given topics to write a controversial research paper on a weekend, students get ample time to review several crucial references before they can hand them in on Monday. Writers should always note the issues they consider critical and ask for guidance before completing their papers.

This task is not that simple; especially when you are working while studying. We are here for you, ask us for professional guidance on that paper by calling us. Click on the “order” button below and fill that simple form. We have a team of experts to assist you with every aspect of your paper from choosing an ideal controversial topic to its completion. You can also leave us a message, and we will get back to you.