Dance Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
30 March 2022

Great Dance Research Paper Topics

Academic writing may prove a real headache for regular students. To handle a paper at a high level, you should undertake thorough research, brainstorm, and reflect on the matter chosen. Your main task is to provide your points of view to create unique and exciting content.

Nevertheless, quite a sophisticated challenge is to pick a matter for your research, especially if the discipline is dance. With the assistance of genuine experts, this is no longer a problem. Become familiar with the practical approach of specialists with vast expertise in this field.

How to Select the Best Dance Research Paper Topic?

Seeking appropriate research paper topics about dance discipline, you can face some difficulties caused by a lack of ideas. Some students resort to rewriting someone’s ideas, and in most cases, it causes failure. Since original content is the most critical requirement in handling the paper, you would better check the lists of relevant dance matters to think of and pick something exciting for you.

Are you short of ideas or never know how to formulate them properly? Pro specialists have provided valuable hints that will come in handy. It will suffice to follow the guide below, and the usual problems with picking the idea for your research will evaporate forever. Pay attention to each criterion not to omit something critical.

  • Prefer a particular issue or aspect.
  • Check reliable sources for sufficient relevant information.
  • Omit ideas with extra words or word combinations.
  • Ongoing challenges for the topic are a sensible solution.
  • Forget about highly complex topics.
  • Unique ideas are a reasonable decision.
  • Each topic should have some understatement.
  • The topic is not merely a puzzle to impress.
  • The matter should be understandable.

While selecting a matter, you should realize that it is quite a responsible process. The more appropriate and suitable the subject is, there are more chances to get an A+ grade for your work. It is a reasonable idea to select a topic that is easy to research. It implies that there is enough material to analyze and take it for the basis of your reflection. It’s getting worse if you select a very narrow subject requiring data not publicly available.

For students eager to make a good impression on the professor, it’s much better to devote more time to good writing and formatting the paper than wasting effort to find an eye-catching but sophisticated idea. Rocket science is not a solution. Undoubtedly, if you operate inside information and additional background in the specific field, it will act in your favor.

Also, pay attention to the proper formulation. Your task is to formulate the subject coherently to avoid misperceptions or misunderstandings. There is always room for some mystery in understatement; however, it must look self-sufficient. Use a specialized vocabulary to add professionalism.

List of Dance Research Paper Topics: 15 Bulletproof Ideas

  1. Rhythm and its conceptual structure.
  2. The communicative aspect of dance: How to speak silently?
  3. Corporeality: Psychophysical and sociocultural dimensions of dance.
  4. Ballet art is a language without words.
  5. Modern reflections of dancing practice as a way to develop creative imagination.
  6. Commercialization of contemporary dance in the media space.
  7. Hip-hop is a media phenomenon of modern culture.
  8. Symbolism in dancing: Signs to convey the particular message?
  9. Rhythm and plastic thinking as defining components of dance expressiveness.
  10. The peculiarities of the communication process while dancing: Practices to reveal emotions.
  11. Socialization of the individual in the dancing process.
  12. Synthesis of choreography and fiction in symbolic thinking.
  13. Strong reasons why choreography develops memory.
  14. Innovative methods for developing physique while hip hop dance.
  15. Gesticulation and facial expressions while dancing.

10 Dance History Research Paper Topics

  1. Dancing practice in the primitive tribes: The first manifestation of dances and their spiritual background.
  2. Primitive movements and their improvement in the primary centuries of our era.
  3. Pantomime: Choreography of a new age.
  4. French dancing art of the Romantic era and its contribution to modernism.
  5. The contribution of dancing practice to everyday social people’s life.
  6. Dance in the ancient world: The roots of the choreography culture.
  7. Promotion of expressiveness of emotions in sports dancing.
  8. Ethnic dances: Close ties with the culture and history of the nation.
  9. The influence of the temperament of the people on national dance moves.
  10. Oriental dance: Their origin and formation on the other continents.

10 Modern Dance Research Paper Topics

  1. Contemporary dance practice: Roots and critical phases of qualitative growth.
  2. Modern dance: Remedy of external and internal harmonization of personality.
  3. Personal progress and its interrelation with contemporary dance art.
  4. Concept of contact improvisation as practical tools to increase interaction with the audience.
  5. Contribution of contemporary dance art to the culture of the 21st century.
  6. The background of acting as the highest measure of dance professionalism.
  7. Folk dance: Ancient culture and modern stream.
  8. The current stage of progress of the American ballet theater.
  9. Interpretation of myths, rituals, and games in the current professional Chinese dance art.
  10. Contemporary dance and its classical roots.

10 Dance Research Paper Ideas

  1. The choreography of the previous century: The criterion of traditionality.
  2. The selection process of dance genre: Stereotypes of influence of physique.
  3. Dance as a semantic phenomenon: Internal nature of motor performance.
  4. Acrobatics and gymnastics: Use in the process of creating choreographic productions.
  5. The function of choreography is in boosting children’s stamina and other personal traits.
  6. Ontological attributes of dance.
  7. Dance practice in sport: Physical aspect instead of a cultural one.
  8. The role of youth choreography subcultures in the socialization of teenagers.
  9. Innovative physical forms of reflecting human emotions in current times.
  10. The impact of the diversity of dance styles on the progress of the choreographic study.

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