80+ Disease Research Paper Topics: Interesting and Original

Every medical student sooner or later faces the need to find a topic for writing his scientific work. Most young doctors are at a dead end when looking for the right theme. They choose boring topics and conduct the research with no motivation. But the number of various diseases is measured in tens or even hundreds of thousands. Many of them have not even begun to be studied. Be sure that among such a variety you can find something interesting for you.

How to Choose Disease Research Paper Topic?

If you are wondering what topic you should choose for your research, then these tips will be very helpful to you.

  • Find something familiar. It is better to choose a question that you have already dealt with and for which you already have a knowledge base. Later you will see how much easier and more interesting it will be for you to conduct your research.
  • Choose well-researched topics. Of course, you can take a topic that no one else has studied before you. But, likely, you will soon find that there are not so many sources and data on your issue. If you do not want to spend all your free time in libraries, choose a topic on which there will be enough information.
  • Enjoy the process. Interest in a topic is a significant part of the success of your research. With the help of positive interest and curiosity, the research will be easy as a pie for you.

List of Disease Research Paper Topics: Top-20

Curiosity about the subject is what motivates students to conduct research and invest a lot of time and effort. Imagine that the professor imposed on you a topic on which you do not focus at all and which you do not like. Of course, you will not be inspired to do research and there will be no question of high marks. But everything changes when you choose a topic that touches on interesting themes and makes you analyze them. Here are the top 20 topics you can pick up from for your disease research.

  • How aging influences mental health
  • Do healthy eating and diet prolongs humans’ lives?
  • Puberty and its common health issues
  • Is autism a norm or a disease?
  • Which category of people are most in danger of getting seasonal affective disorder?
  • Is alternative medicine helpful for curing diseases?
  • Homeopathic medicines: does placebo effect work in modern medicine?
  • What are the ways to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Why are girls more affected by anorexia nervosa?
  • What are the theories on why autism affects children?
  • Who are the main distributors of communicable disease?
  • Factors that cause diabetes: culture, dieting, stress, biology
  • The origins of Ebola disease
  • When does a mutation in genes cause genetic disorders?
  • At what age is leukemia easiest to cure?
  • Ethical side of assisted suicide for terminal diseases
  • HIV/AIDS: modern methods of treatment
  • Malaria vs typhoid
  • Did coronavirus exist before the pandemic in 2019?
  • Connection of acne disease with the state of the patient’s nervous system

15 Human Disease Research Paper Topics

The most interesting field of study has always been humans. Therefore, investigating human diseases is useful and promising. Let’s see what interesting topics can be found about human diseases.

  • E-cigarettes and lung cancer: do they have the same effect as regular cigarettes?
  • Are cardiac arrest and heart attack the same thing?
  • Heart diseases can’t be developed in young people: myth or true?
  • Should patients with osteoarthritis avoid physical activity?
  • Is lupus a form of cancer?
  • Liposarcoma disease: knowing molecular basis helps to prevent the disease
  • Blood transfusion: side effects”
  • Sugary drinks and cancer: are they connected?
  • What human diseases can be treated with bioprinting?
  • Can we call stem cell technologies a successful method of cancer treatment?

15 Chronic Disease Research Paper Topics

You can write dissertations on chronic diseases because they cover most of the existing diseases. You can study one chronic disease on the example of one person’s whole life. And in different periods it will turn out differently. Therefore, we advise you to review the list of interesting topics about chronic diseases.

  • Is chronic high blood pressure a genetic disease?
  • How does dysthymia influence a normal life of a patient?
  • Chronic diabetes always ends with amputation: myth or fact?
  • Rheumatoid arthritis vs osteoarthritis
  • Smoking and COPD: what is the connection?”
  • Can a healthy lifestyle influence the symptoms of chronic disease?
  • Living with chronic cancer: challenges and ways to struggle with them
  • How to distinguish chronic fatigue syndrome from depression?
  • Can kidney stones turn into chronic kidney disease?
  • Why is asthma spread in children more than in adults? Can they outgrow the disease?
  • Dieting for patients with chronic heart disease
  • How to prevent the development of gastritis into chronic gastritis?
  • The effect of halotherapy on the functional state of patients with chronic asthma disease
  • Massage and breathing exercises in the rehabilitation of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Influence of non-drug corrections on the course of obstructive pulmonary disease

10 Nutrition Disease Research Paper Topics

Nutrition is a source of unexplored topics for medicine. This field is very extensive and it covers many problems. Therefore, you can take on a lot of interesting topics and do research on nutrition.

  • Eating disorder and its consequences
  • Obesity: a disease or a side effect of an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Which diet to choose: low-carb or low-fat?
  • Are sugar substitutes better than sugar? How does the body react to sugar substitutes?
  • Overhydration and dehydration: what is more dangerous?
  • Is a vegan lifestyle better than a regular one?
  • Keto diet: advantages and disadvantages
  • Does the time of food consumption really matter?
  • Creatine and its role in improving athletes’ performance
  • More protein = more muscles?

10 Interesting Disease Topics for Research Paper

Have you still not been able to choose a topic for research? Then read the following 10 original topics.

  • Vaccine and hearing loss: any connection found?
  • The difference between artificial coma and natural coma. Which one is less damaging?
  • Use of artificial intelligence in cancer prediction
  • Cosmetic agents and their influence on skin health
  • Vaccination for children: is it worth doing?
  • Is virtual reality a lifesaver for calming down the patients?
  • Can deafness be considered a communication disorder?
  • Is Covid-19 another version of Spanish flu?
  • Do cell phones cause cancer?
  • Bulimia and anorexia: a comparative analysis

10 Bonus Disease Research Paper Ideas

And here is your bonus list of intriguing disease research ideas!

  • Are obesity and age the most common factors causing cancer?
  • First signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. When to pay attention to children’s unhealthy active behavior?
  • Is rosacea a type of acne?
  • Is tanning bed causing skin cancer?
  • Is liposuction a good treatment for obesity?
  • Effectiveness of swimming in children with scoliosis
  • Women are more endangered to cardiovascular diseases: myth or fact?
  • Should patients use antibiotics when recovering from the flu?
  • Alcoholism: a disease or loss of self-discipline?
  • How to understand and manage bipolar disorder?

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