Choosing the right ecology research paper topic is quite a challenge. However, solving a good science problem impacts students’ science careers.

Supervisors often offer help in choosing a topic. Still, often students have to choose a research topic on their own.

How to Select the Best Ecology Research Paper Topic?

There are several ways to ensure success in research. First, in universities, students should find a compelling topic for a research paper. Conducting a thorough literature review certainly facilitates this process, but selecting the right research topic based on a literature sources review is nearly impossible.

Therefore, students need to brainstorm topics thoroughly with their supervisors, talk to experts, and attend academic conferences. There you can listen to authoritative researchers and talk with them. Such actions can help students with a choice.

Quite often, writing relevant term papers simplifies choosing a research topic. The research paper topic can be a continuation of the term paper topic. You can also check out our research paper topics about ecology list.

List of Ecology Research Paper Topics: 25 Ideas

  1. Legal measures to neutralize the threats to environmental security associated with the choice of the location of the military.
  2. Ecological and geographical consequences of the construction of a hydroelectric power station.
  3. Harm and benefits of chewing gum.
  4. Modern problems of ecology and legal ways of their resolution.
  5. Ecological features of some types of pathogenic microorganisms.
  6. Unauthorized release of household waste.
  7. Assessment of the impact of aircraft noise in the area adjacent to the airport.
  8. Monitoring the quality of tap water in the city.
  9. Environmental problems of humankind.
  10. Comparative analysis of indoor plants in classrooms as a factor in improving indoor microclimate.
  11. Influence of ventilation and wet cleaning on the state of indoor air microflora in the autumn period.
  12. Economy of mineral fertilizers due to air nitrogen fixation by legumes.
  13. Arrangement of springs and the territory adjacent to them.
  14. Influence of different types of tillage on its agronomic properties.
  15. Influence of environmental factors on bird diversity.
  16. My view on the problem of homeless animals in the city and ways to solve it.
  17. Ecological monitoring of the state of green tree plantations of the old park.
  18. Assessment of the traffic’ intensity flow and its impact on the state of atmospheric air in a certain area of ​​the city and region.
  19. Comparative analysis of biological methods for assessing air quality using lichen.
  20. Opportunity to develop ecological tourism in our city.
  21. The problem of solid household waste in rural areas.
  22. Assessment of the state of green spaces and the impact on human health.
  23. Nanotechnologies. Ecological future.
  24. The use of micro fertilizers as an effective way to dispose of household waste.
  25. Problems of natural ecosystems in the vicinity of the village.

20 Topics for Ecology Research Paper

  1. Ecological and genetic study of drinking water from a natural source.
  2. The impact of pollutant emissions on the atmosphere and human health.
  3. Ecological characteristics of water bodies and impact on health.
  4. Oil pollution of the oceans.
  5. Comparison of the cleansing capacity of the river ecosystem.
  6. Nitrates in vegetable products.
  7. Influence of environmental conditions on the process of photosynthesis.
  8. What is better for producing packaging and disposable goods: paper or plastic.
  9. Foods that are killing you.
  10. Monitoring of non-centralized drinking water sources.
  11. Influence of the degree of environmental pollution on the physiological parameters of some tree species.
  12. The presence of harmful and prohibited food additives in certain foods.
  13. The impact of transport on the environment and health.
  14. The influence of nutritional supplements on the health of students.
  15. Landscape design of the territory of the university.
  16. The impact on human health of nitrates and nitrites contained in food.
  17. Modern technologies for recycling waste from the mining industry.
  18. A comprehensive survey of the ecological state of the street.
  19. Waste is a source of pollution and residence for living organisms.
  20. Methods for studying the ecological state of the river and its use in assessing the anthropogenic impact.

15 Human Ecology Research Paper Topics

  1. The fundamental alienation between man and nature in the Christian and Muslim religious and cultural traditions.
  2. My apartment is like an ecological environment.
  3. Category E food additives and their impact on human health.
  4. Socio-psychological environmental factors and their impact on student’s health.
  5. Impact on the health of the psycho-emotional state and social conditions of life.
  6. Environmentally savvy consumer.
  7. Practical aspects of the interaction between people and birds in the city.
  8. Ecological monitoring of learning conditions for students of different universities.
  9. Elucidation of pollution by electromagnetic smog of the human environment.
  10. Trees-dust collectors, their importance in improving the environment in the city.

10 Forest Ecology Research Paper Topics

  1. Forest fires. Ecological changes in the environment.
  2. Assessment of the recreational capacity of a forest park or protected area.
  3. The planetary significance of forests.
  4. Consequences of the Chernobyl accident for the forests of Ukraine.
  5. Dandelion Officinalis (Taraxacum Officinale Wigg) as an indicator of environmental pollution.
  6. Proper forest management.
  7. Influence of environmental factors on the distribution and growth of lichens.
  8. Influence of extreme environmental conditions on the condition of fish in forest rivers.
  9. Assessment of the state of the ecosystem of a forest lake or river.
  10. Influence of ecological factors on forest flora and fauna.

10 Ecology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Determination of ecological characteristics of meadows by vegetation cover.
  2. Effect of heavy metals on living organisms.
  3. The impact of different modes of transport on the environment.
  4. The ecological potential of the method of drawings of wildlife objects of city districts.
  5. Linden as a bioindicator of environmental pollution.
  6. Violation of human eating behavior under the influence of socio-psychological factors.
  7. Determination of nitrates in agricultural products.
  8. Analysis of the current state of preserving natural ecological systems and natural landscapes.
  9. Ecological monitoring of the state of the soil.
  10. Comparative analysis of water quality in the river and its tributaries.

15 Ecology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Environmental consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  2. Anthropogenic impacts on biotic communities (flora and fauna).
  3. Ecological problems of the population.
  4. Anthropogenic impact on the state of the environment: problems and prospects.
  5. International cooperation on environmental issues.
  6. Radiation and man.
  7. Man and ecosystems (agroecosystems and industrial-urban ecosystems).
  8. Influence of natural and socio-ecological factors on human health.
  9. Natural ecosystems of the Earth (terrestrial, freshwater, marine).
  10. The ecological potential of the method of photographing wildlife objects in city districts.
  11. Pesticides – Necessity or Harm?
  12. Environmental issues in my state.
  13. Activities of public environmental organizations.
  14. Ecology and national security of the USA.
  15. How to protect yourself from hazardous substances in your home (heavy metals, volatile organic substances, combustion products, dust in your home, bacteria, detergents, and cleaners)?

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