When your thoughts just won’t fall in order

You might be a talented researcher, a disciplined student and a conscientious writer, but how can you be sure that your writing is perfect in terms of format? Studying manuals on different formatting styles can be useful, but proper organization of your essay, dissertation or research paper may take even more time than the actual research and analysis. If you have created an academic paper on your own and want to make sure its style, referencing and bibliography are perfect, then we are happy to offer you our editing services.

Editing services are designed to help you make sure your paper is perfect whether you are a non-native English speaker, a non-writer, on a tight budget or simply in a hurry to get your work finished.

Non-native speakers

Many of our editing customers are people who are learning English as a second language. They are not always familiar with the proper idioms and grammar structures as they need to be to achieve a good grade. After reviewing your ideas and placing them in an organizational format that works for you, our writers will take a look at your paper and make sure the language flows.

New writers

If you haven’t had a great deal of experience writing papers, our editing services can help pull your ideas together into a solid argument or presentation. If your talent isn’t in the area of writing, we’d like to help ensure you remain capable of obtaining the grade you deserve.

Working on a budget

If you find our full services are somehow outside your budget range, you will be happy to learn that our editing and proofreading services are offered at a discounted rate. This is because you will be providing the content and most, if not all, of the research. Our writers will read through your document and make whatever changes necessary to bring you a higher grade.

Typical editing services include:

  • reorganization of the contents,
  • minor changes of phrasing to bring smoother flow,
  • bringing in more reference material to bolster your argument,
  • re-formatting structure to meet requirements,
  • spelling and grammar suggestions.

Have questions about our editing and proofreading services? Then contact our customer support, which is available online and on the phone 24/7. We will gladly answer all of your possible questions, as our aim is to guarantee complete customer satisfaction!