It is no secret that throughout the existence of mankind, it has faced engineering issues in various manifestations. All modern technologies and benefits that people use are the result of the development of engineering.

The main purpose of this article is to unify and structure engineering topics for research paper in various industry areas. This set of topics will be useful for the following groups:

  1. students, who are going to devote themselves to engineering;
  2. operating engineers, who are going to hone their skills and want to increase their knowledge base;
  3. teachers in higher educational institutions, who are engaged in scientific work.

So, keep reading and do not miss anything important.

How to Select the Best Engineering Research Paper Topic?

Currently, you may search for various methods of picking the best topic for research work on the Internet. However, all of them can be summarized into 2 basic ones.

  1. Choose a specific direction of engineering.

It is no secret that engineering contains hundreds of different industries where it is easy to get confused. In order to avoid this problem, it is best to briefly learn them and understand what attracts your attention the most.

  1. Teacher tips.

Also, do not refuse the help of teachers who can facilitate your search. You should take into account their seniority and work experience. Moreover, they can advise you on the best sources of information, help with writing, and more.

And, of course, you will undoubtedly be able to find a suitable topic from this concise but up-to-date list.

List of Engineering Research Paper Topics: 25 Bulletproof Ideas

First of all, let’s define the most relevant ideas in the field of engineering.

  1. Solar cell technology.
  2. Organic light-emitting diodes.
  3. Iris and biometric identification.
  4. In-band on-channel technology.
  5. Security issues in cloud computing.
  6. Electronic textile.
  7. Cloud computing evolution.
  8. Models of voice production.
  9. Metamorphic robots.
  10. Nanorobot with an oblate spheroidal.
  11. IR plastic solar cell.
  12. Acoustics and fluid-structure interaction.
  13. Electronic skin.
  14. Solar tree.
  15. IoT-based smart aquaponics system.
  16. Artificial Intelligence in the management of complex projects.
  17. Paper battery construction.
  18. Polytronics.
  19. Utilizing barcodes.
  20. Cloud computing for electronic commerce.
  21. Usage of modern alternative fuels.
  22. Optimization of heat transfer devices.
  23. Glass and ceramics for applications in bioengineering.
  24. Cloud computing in agriculture.
  25. Navigation through Artificial Intelligence.

As you can see, the above-mentioned topics belong to different areas of engineering. So that everyone can pick the appropriate one and use it in research.

20 Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

Genetic engineering is one of the rapidly developing industries. Below, you can check its most promising topics.

  1. Safety of eating genetically modified foods.
  2. Whole-genome sequencing.
  3. Genetic engineering methods in the fight against sickle cell anemia.
  4. Using the achievements of genetic engineering in medicine.
  5. Relationship between genetics and obesity.
  6. The main causes of genetic mutations.
  7. How in vitro fertilization helps fight congenital genetic anomalies.
  8. Potential uses of stem cells in medicine and pharmacy.
  9. Use of the bacterial genome in medicine.
  10. Study the molecular aspects of cancer genetics.
  11. Genetic details of heredity and variability.
  12. Major chemical mutagenic factors.
  13. Pros and cons of artificial inseminations.
  14. The main goals of genetic engineering.
  15. Genetic aspects of coronavirus.
  16. Allelic and non-allelic genes.
  17. Strong and weak sides of US genetic engineering policy.
  18. How does cloning impact biological diversity?
  19. Is Parkinson’s disease genetically determined?
  20. The possibilities and perspectives of using nanorobots in genetic engineering.

Keep reading to learn more about other engineering topics for research paper and top-notch ideas.

20 Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

Industrial engineering is one of the most diverse industries that deals with the optimization of complex processes.

  1. Optimization of industrial engineering algorithms.
  2. Mechanical processes used in the food industry.
  3. Food processing equipment.
  4. Comparison of technical training in the US and the EU.
  5. Equipment for processing raw materials in the metallurgical industry.
  6. ISO certification.
  7. Large excursion driving simulators.
  8. 3D printing technology in the manufacturing area.
  9. Optimization of operational processes to increase productivity.
  10. Complex adaptive systems.
  11. Risk analysis in manufacturing company.
  12. Computer modeling of a real-life manufacturing environment.
  13. industrial engineering and mass customization.
  14. Development of process maps.
  15. Thermal processes in metallurgy.
  16. Engineering activities in pharmacy.
  17. Additive manufacturing.
  18. Engineering risk optimization.
  19. Optimization of supply chain systems.
  20. Waste-free production in the food industry.

As you can see, industrial engineering provides a lot of opportunities in terms of writing research papers.

20 Environmental Engineering Research Paper Topics

Engineering is at the forefront of solving environmental problems. Below, you can see some of the most relevant topics in this regard.

  1. The connection between water and bioenergy
  2. Study of characteristics of industrial effluents
  3. Hazardous waste management
  4. Nuclear waste processing
  5. Alternative energy sources
  6. Physical and chemical optimization of water composition
  7. Plastic waste quantification
  8. Disposal of biomedical waste
  9. Methods for the detection of heavy metals in water
  10. Standardization of the method for detecting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  11. Development of biofuels
  12. Evaluating the effectiveness of sustainable aviation fuel
  13. industrial wastewater recycling
  14. Using the HRTS System for Industrial Water Treatment
  15. Studying the impact of Thermal Power Plant on the state of the atmosphere
  16. Comprehensive assessment of urban ecology
  17. Noise and light pollution
  18. Optimization of geographic information systems
  19. Sugar-based ethanol-water pollution
  20. Optimization of the chemical analysis of drinking water

Scroll down to get an insight into topics related to engineering and ethical aspects.

15 Engineering Ethics Research Paper Topics

Any engineer faces ethical issues in one way or another, which explains the popularity of this case.

  1. The main stages of personal development.
  2. Engineering ethics compliance algorithms.
  3. Basic principles of engineering psychology.
  4. Using ethics to prevent problems in the workplace.
  5. How important is work ethics?
  6. How do humanities interact with engineering?
  7. Is there a relationship between engineering thinking and human knowledge?
  8. Basic norms of engineering ethics.
  9. How an ethical engineer can help the community?
  10. What ethical challenges may engineers face?
  11. The Importance of ethics in new product development.
  12. Addressing ethical issues in design.
  13. Ethical issues, which appear when working in a team.
  14. What moral and ethical standards should engineers adhere to?
  15. What are the main ways to overcome moral degradation?

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10 Engineering Research Paper Ideas

Here are 10 more top-notch general engineering ideas you may adopt and reveal in detail in your research.

  1. Computer-aided design in drawing physical components.
  2. Holographs and creation of military maps.
  3. Stereo imaging and building a sense of space for listeners.
  4. Implementation of liquid crystals in navigation systems.
  5. Usage of composite materials in the aviation and automotive industry.
  6. Hybrid vehicles.
  7. Usage of fluid dynamics in aerospace engineering.
  8. Fiber-optic technologies in electronic manufacturing.
  9. Laser applications in medicine.
  10. The perspective of usage nanotubes.

The Best Writing Trick

Speaking about engineering topics for research paper it is difficult to single out only one important trick. The reason is that each stage of writing a paper has its own nuances. Nevertheless, the initial stage of information gathering predetermines your success in the future. It is necessary to use only verified sources of information, so a banal Google search is not always the best option.

When using electronic resources, pay attention to the websites of the library of your university or other reputable educational institution. Also, look for sources your instructor has recommended. After that, you can switch to other academic resources like OneFile or Periodical Contents Index.

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