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Interesting Ethical Research Paper Topics from Our Professional Team

  • Is It Ethical to Catch Your Friend on Cheating and Let Everyone Know?

Imagine that you have a classmate you’re friends with. Would you tell your teacher if you saw him or her cheating on an exam? Why yes or no? Now, consider a different situation. You saw your close friend dating someone behind boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s back. Would you reveal that to the tricked side? Argue about your stance.

  • Should University Professors Be Paid More Than College or School Teachers?

It is one of the rather contradictive college ethical research paper topics. From one side, the knowledge and skills of university professors, as well as their work background, are more impressive than that of an average high school teacher. However, these professionals both invest an equal amount of time and nerves in what they do. Perhaps, the working environment of school teachers might be even more stressful. Should these two receive equal wages and why?

  • How Would You React If You Saw Your Pal Abusing an Animal?

It is a popular idea for ethical writing as any topic related to the treatment of animals is very sensitive. Unfortunately, pets often face threats from human beings, especially when it comes to teens. Often, youngsters who treat animals cruelly are more likely to conduct acts of violence when they grow up. What would you do if you see your friend harming some pets?

  • What Is the Proper Age for Starting to Have a Sex and Marry?

Do you think there should be serious age limitations when it comes to sex? When is the appropriate age for marrying and having kids? Is it ethical to have sex before 16 years old?

  • What Do You Think about Euthanasia?

Assisted suicides are not yet legalized, but many people consider the ethical and moral. After all, it is better than suffering for the rest of your life, isn’t it? Share your opinion, but keep in mind that it is one of the most sensitive topics for an ethical research paper, so watch out for what you say.

  • Do Companies Have a Right to Collect and Store Info about Their Clients?

Many writers break their heads against the wall trying to answer this question. From one side, companies, especially legal and healthcare organizations, might need one’s private data for necessary deals and operations. On the other hand, does it break property rights?

Get Help with Any Ethical Research Paper Topics for College Students

If the list of topics presented above is not enough, we are ready to provide more ideas for your assignment. Here are the good ethical research paper topics for college and university!

  • Is Suicide a Sin?

Think about suicide from different aspects? Can you justify such action? If yes, then list the situations when you believe it is really the only way out. Analyze the cases of famous people like Chester Bennington from “Linkin Park” to base your judgments on real-life examples.

  • The Correlation between Democracy and Low Levels of Morality

Does the democratic movement has something to do with ethics and morality in modern society? Take the United States as an example and dig deeper into this topic.

  • Should Refugees from the Countries of the Third World Be Accepted in the United States or Developed European Countries?

Do you think that developed countries should serve as a shelter for people living in poverty in some regions of the Middle East and Africa? We all have equal rights, but why is there such a huge gap in the level of living? Perhaps, people are not that equal. Think about it and discuss.

  • Is the Kyoto Protocol Amoral?

In fact, you can find many good topics for an ethical research paper in the field of international law. This is just one of the possible examples. Make sure to consult various legal sources before writing down your paper.

Extra Topics for Your Observation

There are many other themes to discuss. If you hire a professional research paper writer from our writing service, you will get plenty of ideas free of charge and relatively cheap solutions to your assignments. To make it a list of 30 topics overall, here are 20 more for your inspiration:

  • Significant Role of Ethics in Healthcare and Medicine
  • How Do People View Ethics and Society in Parallel Shapes That Support Each Other
  • Ethical issues Related to Surrogate Mom in Society
  • Good Ethics VS Bad Ethics: Definition by Society
  • The Necessity of Ethics in each Aspect of Life
  • Ethics That Each Presidential Candidate Should Promote
  • Types of Work Ethics That All Corporations Should Follow
  • Is It Ethical to Change Your Face Using Makeup?
  • Which Business Ethics Can Be Different at Various Workplaces?
  • The Best Works on Ethics Written by the Distinguished Philosophers
  • How Are Ethical Norms Different Worldwide
  • The Role of Ethics in the Life of an Average Doctor or Nurse
  • The Correlation between Ethics and Philosophy
  • What Are the Traits of Friendship Ethics?
  • The Ways to Trace the Origin of Ethics
  • How Should Teachers Be Punished for Prejudice with the Pupils
  • How the Bible Defines Ethics and Morality
  • Factors That May Change the Definition of Good/Bad Person
  • Negative Emotions: Their Impact on Ethics
  • Poor Ethical Values: Discussing Envy and Hatred

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