Evolution Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
21 April 2022

80+ Evolution Research Paper Topics

Each student must be familiar with the stress they face while handling academic writing assignments. The core of the problem is multitasking education and lack of time to cope with all the tasks assigned. Research papers are complex projects and do not look like regular essays. To that end, extra assistance would be a great benefit.

How to Choose Evolution Research Paper Topic?

While looking through the research paper topics about evolution, you should set finding a stellar idea as a primary goal. It would be best if you approached it as an extremely responsible stage. Below, to your attention, there is a list of things you can’t neglect.

  • Fundamental matters.
  • Specific aspects.
  • Personal point of view.
  • No cumbersome formulations.
  • Conciseness

The heading of your writing work, regardless of the essay type, reflects its quality. No matter what great research you have undertaken, if its topic sounds poor, your work is likely to be a failure. It may look absurd, but the human brain and information perception work in such a way.

To avoid any misperception, attempt to pick a particular matter covering the discipline you learn. It implies your topic has a specific message, and the purpose of your work is understandable from the very first words. Adding personal opinion embedded harmoniously to the topic would be a plus.

The last thing you should mind every time choosing a subject is conciseness: no sophisticated topic or large and complex formulations. Be thorough but concise. However, it doesn’t mean neglecting the usage of vocational specialty since it shows your professionalism and outlook.

List of Evolution Research Paper Topics: Top-20

  1. Limitations and compromise in the formation of adaptations of living beings.
  2. Rates of evolution: Gradual progress and leaps.
  3. The emergence and evolution of language.
  4. Cyanobacterium emergence: New stage in world evolution.
  5. The Great Oxygenation Event: Immense effect on the course of events of evolution.
  6. Biological progress: Theory of the increased number of habitats and species.
  7. Overall degeneration: The evolution progress way assists in adapting to more primitive habitats.
  8. Remains of dinosaurs: Similarity to endangered species still existing.
  9. Panspermia: The cosmological hypothesis of life emergency on Earth.
  10. Abiogenesis: The natural process of transforming inanimate matter into living one.
  11. Volcanism: Contributions to creating the surface and the primary landscape of Earth.
  12. Photosynthesis reactions: The emergence of organic compounds.
  13. Self-replication of RNA molecules: Another version of world evolution started.
  14. The common ancestor of all living creatures on Earth: Evidence and peculiarities.
  15. Evolution processes in laboratory conditions.
  16. Fossil remains are a credible source of information for evolution researchers.
  17. Regular shapes of accommodation of living creatures: Biogeography effectiveness.
  18. Peculiarities of the evolutionary tree.
  19. Biological barriers to evolution progress.
  20. Jellyfish mystery: The most ancient creatures on Earth.

20 Evolution Topics for Research Paper

  1. Darwinism problem in the 20th century.
  2. Natural selection and its effect on the origin of species.
  3. Photoperiodism of plants: Specs and properties.
  4. Biological cycles and their violation by humanity.
  5. Zoological species: The most powerful evolution processes.
  6. Bacteria mutations: Global danger of evolution to humankind.
  7. Space-induced mutations of plants.
  8. The historic core of evolution vision.
  9. Creationism plays a role in evolution theories.
  10. The paradigm of ancient natural philosophy.
  11. The essence and main features of the scientific and technological revolution.
  12. Theory of knowledge in modern natural history: Influence on society.
  13. The current scientific picture of the world is in the middle of the evolution process.
  14. Ethical problems of evolution studies.
  15. Religious motifs of questioning evolution theories.
  16. Ecological significance of tracing evolution progress.
  17. Models of the Big Bang: Criticism and proofs.
  18. Expanding Universe models: Misleading stir or the theory having a place to be.
  19. Origin and development of galaxies and stars.
  20. The main core of the solar system and its mystery.

15 Human Evolution Research Paper Topics

  1. Human organs mutations in size and shape.
  2. Neanderthal people and their forms of existence.
  3. Interbreeding: Scientific bypassing of evolution.
  4. Natural mutations of genes and genotypes.
  5. Methods for assessing the genetic diversity of populations by quantitative traits.
  6. The emergence and maintenance of altruism among human beings.
  7. The evolution of primates to the emergence of the Homo sapiens species.
  8. Accommodation of anatomically established humans from Africa: Genetic and paleoanthropological evidence.
  9. Modifications in organs of hearing: Sound perception.
  10. Evolution of limbs: New reality prepares for new challenges.
  11. Cambrian Explosion and symbiosis of populations.
  12. The evolutionary significance of hybridization.
  13. Mechanisms of genome evolution.
  14. Evolutionary principle of dynamic stability and its central concepts.
  15. Chromosomal rearrangements and their impact on the intellectual ability of the human.

15 Detailed Evolution Research Paper Topics

  1. Serious challenges to the synthetic theory of evolution.
  2. Problems of the origin and development of the Earth.
  3. The scientific concept of entropy: Global disorder of the system or myth?
  4. Time, eternity, infinity: Three concepts explaining evolution.
  5. Changes in global tectonics throughout the ages.
  6. Modern concepts of space and time.
  7. Biophilosophy: Beliefs and main focus.
  8. Core problems of genetics and the role of reproduction in the development of living creatures.
  9. Ongoing issues of cytology and the role of the cell for the living creatures’ viability.
  10. Patterns of evolution of ecological systems.
  11. The role of diversity in wildlife.
  12. Science-related models of the origin of life in the whole galaxy.
  13. The concept of coevolution: Absurd beliefs.
  14. Influence of cosmic radiation and solar energy on living creatures.
  15. Patterns of inheritance of characteristics during reproduction.

10 Extra Evolution Research Paper Ideas

  1. Biological self-organization on the continents.
  2. Energy and matter in the Universe.
  3. Thermodynamic equilibrium.
  4. Origin of life on Earth: The first cellular organisms.
  5. The emergence of the mind: Evolution of thinking.
  6. Changes in the interests and needs in social systems.
  7. Patterns of the systemic development of civilizations: Self-organization of populations.
  8. Features of the biological level of the arrangement of matter.
  9. Principles of reproduction and development of living systems.
  10. Extinct species and the possibility of their reincarnation.

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