What is Fashion Research Paper Topic?

The fashion industry is too wide-ranging and multidimensional. Nevertheless, many students find it extremely sophisticated to pick suitable research paper topics about fashion to acquire an A+ without stress. The point is the extensive range of choices.

To make the right decision and not fail, it is sensible to turn for assistance from proven experts. Qualified writers obtaining vast expertise are familiar with the challenges you can face while handling academic assignments. To that end, below, you can check 100% tips that will come in handy when deciding on such an abundance of choices.

How to Select the Best Fashion Research Paper Topic?

Most pro specialists divide all the rules considering selecting research paper matter into five main groups. Other points are derivative, so equally critical but not primary. The list looks as follows:

  • Passion.
  • Competence.
  • Information.
  • Complexity.
  • Relevance.

The idea for your paper should be a unique representation of your thoughts. It implies you should be eager to investigate the subject and reflect on it by providing your points of view. In other words, the topic should be the formulation of the impressive issue based on the desire to explore it.

The more you are familiar with the discipline, the fewer difficulties you will face while working on it. Always attempt to pick a matter that you have at least some insight into. If you have passion but not practice and knowledge of the subject, the criteria of choice will be a sufficient amount of relevant information you can examine.

Sophisticated topics are not a reasonable decision. Stop believing that the more narrow and complex the subject is, the more successful your work is. Always mind that the most critical point is your understanding of the topic and your ability to provide personal views on that.

Some students prefer picking a topic within their interest or competence. However, you should consider the educational program your discipline covers and pay attention to the professor’s recommendations. It expresses your motivation and respect.

List of Fashion Research Paper Topics: Top-20

  1. Aesthetic origin of styles: Manifestation of internal state expressed in clothing.
  2. Relations management: Core for the success of a fashion brand.
  3. Color scheme: Independent style in clothing.
  4. Male and female fashion: Convergence of styles.
  5. Capsule collections: Innovations in the fashion world.
  6. Casual clothing and luxury outfits: Relevance of market competition.
  7. Accessories logic: Depreciation of jewels in contemporary trends.
  8. Costume jewelry boom: Precious accessory without actual value.
  9. Boho dressing style: Freedom of fashion.
  10. Fashion “short-termism”: The cycles of trends become smaller.
  11. Couture is a piece of art but not a benchmark for a regular person.
  12. Herd instinct: How is it possible to leave stereotypes forever and become unique?
  13. Size charts discrimination: Fashion policy draw the line you won’t cross.
  14. Original strategies of fashion brand building.
  15. Fashion giants: Intertwining of trends and uniqueness.
  16. Intellectual property and fashion trends: Search for truth.
  17. Minimalism era: Relevance and practicality at all.
  18. Consumer behavior and its influence on the manufacturer’s decisions.
  19. Intertwining tradition and modernity in common fashion styles.
  20. Principles of formation of branded collections.

15 Fashion History Research Paper Topics

  1. Ancient mentions of the prototypes of clothing.
  2. Fashion houses as a unique entrepreneur decision of the middle ages.
  3. Evolution of cut and style of dress as the main piece of clothing.
  4. The splendor of ancient Rome clothes: Correlation of fortune and look.
  5. Excessive makeup in the Middle ages: Tasteless trends.
  6. Evolution of neckline: Critical element of Renaissance fashion.
  7. Concept of trends through the ages: Perception and attitude to fashion.
  8. Development of national states in Europe in the 17th century: Dramatic fashion progress.
  9. Times of French hegemony in the manufacture of luxury goods.
  10. Satin fabric: New trend dictated by French fashionistas.
  11. Clothes in the style of Rococo: Rapid outbreak of femininity and grace.
  12. The appearance of regular tights on the shelves of markets: Breakthrough in the fashion industry.
  13. Harms and benefits of corsets: History teaches to correct mistakes.
  14. Colors and brightness of clothing in the second part of the 20th century: Era of freedom.
  15. Post-war fashion: Trends with cyclical aspects.

10 Research Paper Topics Fashion Industry

  1. Progress tendencies in the fashion industry.
  2. Profitability of clothing industry: The market share of prominent brands.
  3. Global investment in fashion start-ups.
  4. Cyclicity of clothing styles: Input in the global economy.
  5. Globalization affects the promotion of national clothes brands.
  6. Advertising campaigns in the perfume industry: Innovative type of commercial art.
  7. Confrontation of traditionalism and innovativeness in the fashion industry.
  8. Complex supply chain management in the sphere of textile and clothing production.
  9. Customer habits and their interrelation with the trends.
  10. Trend forecasters: A specific influential job on the global market.

10 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Fashion

  1. Increase of eco-materials usage in textile industry: Global issues effect.
  2. The gap between the concepts “brand” and “trend.”
  3. Quality control methods of fabrics used in the production of luxury clothing.
  4. Mini, midi, and maxi length: Dependance of trends on the world’s economic prosperity.
  5. The popularity of denim through the ages.
  6. The creation of showrooms: structure and principles of work.
  7. Social and cultural communication in the fashion industry.
  8. Design solutions: Unique garments worth their weight in gold.
  9. Stratification in the fashion industry is a reflection of indirect discrimination.
  10. Removal of barriers and expanding choices in the fashion market on the African continent.

10 Bonus Fashion Research Paper Ideas

  1. Top fashion phenomena and their perception through the ages.
  2. Strategies of fashion brands in social networks.
  3. Advertising innovations and common techniques in the fashion industry.
  4. The historical roots of the formation of well-known fashion brands.
  5. Creative approaches and game plans in the promotion of fashion houses.
  6. Fundraising efficiency in brand building.
  7. Communication development between luxury fashion businesses.
  8. The practice of ad wars between fashion brands: The best method of promotion and progress.
  9. Peculiarities of inheritance and succession to property in fashion houses.
  10. Talent contribution to fashion growth.

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