Film Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
30 March 2022

The Best Film Research Paper Topics

A successful film research paper starts from picking a proper topic that will allow you to express your creativity and writing talent. When you still have no idea what it should be, join our blog and add 70 superb research paper topics for film studies to your bank of ideas.

How to Select the Best Film Research Paper Topic?

Before we introduce several nice ideas for film research, we would like to offer some tips on how to choose one. You can cope with it yourself when taking the following steps:

  1. Compile a list of your favorites (Movie, Film Director, Genre, Music, etc.)
  2. Select a certain historical period to analyze the specifics of that time’s movies when you are fond of film history.
  3. Define which ideas interest you the most.
  4. Choose a narrower area of investigation to completely develop it within the scope of your work.
  5. Make the topic statement clear, but it would be great to attach an intrigue or enigma to it.

In your searches, you are free to use all possible sources of information. There can be your university libraries, movie museums, and, of course, credible online sites.

List of Film Research Paper Topics: 15 Bulletproof Ideas

It’s not a big deal when you do not know which topic to select. Use our top promising research paper topics for film studies that will bring you an A+ grade.

  • The Fight Between Good and Evil in Films.
  • A Single Character Played by Different Actors.
  • Hollywood Stereotypes: The Origins and the Effects.
  • Color in Filmmaking.
  • Films Through the Eyes of Their Directors.
  • The Role of Comics and Superheroes in Filmmaking.
  • Documentary movies: How They Change the World.
  • The Influence of Films: The Social and Cultural Aspects of Their Impact.
  • Are Films Modern Tools of Advertisement?
  • Movie Genres: The Analysis of Cultural Preferences.
  • Film Noir: Its Impact on Film Genres.
  • Movies and Freudian Practice.
  • Representation of the American Dream in Films.
  • The Creative Role of Film Editing.
  • Short Cuts as Methods of Persuasion.

This small collection is great by itself. But Having it at hand may also help you to brainstorm further ideas for your study.

10 Film History Research Paper Topics

Whether you love history or not, consider choosing a Film History topic for your work anyway. Here are the Top 10 effective solutions to research paper topics for film studies:

  • The Historical Role of Censorship in Filmmaking.
  • The History of Thriller Film Genre.
  • The Rise of the Documentary Genre: History and Perspectives.
  • The History of Special Effects in Hollywood Movies.
  • Filmmaking In the Great Depression Era.
  • The Figure of Charlie Chaplin in the Early Silent Movie Era.
  • The History of Science-Fiction Genre.
  • Women’s Roles and Contributions in the Movie Industry.
  • Walt Disney and the Historical Role of His Characters.
  • Iconic War Movies of the 20th Centuries and Their Cultural Impact.

We are sure you will be able to continue this list with numerous ideas. A crucial benefit of historical topics is that one can find piles of useful information about them.

10 Research Paper Topics for Film Class

Are you planning to present movie research in your film class? Take a couple of ideal research paper topics for film classes:

  • Netflix: The Most Expensive Movies in Its History.
  • Low Budget Pictures.
  • Specifics of Crime Series.
  • Soap Operas.
  • Science Fiction: An Insight into the Genre.
  • Analysis of Classic Movies.
  • Chinese Filmmaking.
  • How Historical Movies are Made in the 21st Century?
  • The Role of TV Channels and Programs in Filmmaking.

Such topics are sure to draw an audience’s attention. They can serve as nice material for a group discussion.

10 Film Studies Research Paper Topics

Film studies mainly concern the techniques and specifics of filmmaking. Here, we also have a pack of effective research paper topics for film studies.

  • Documentary: Filmmaking Stages.
  • New Methods and Practices in Filmmaking.
  • Motion Picture Promotion.
  • What is the Impact of Movie Critics?
  • Movie Director.
  • The Screenplay for Documentary.
  • The Influence of the Digital Revolution on the Movie Industry.
  • The Role of Producers.
  • Television Criticism.
  • Advertising Techniques in Movies.
  • Casting Parts in Filmmaking.

When preferring such topics as Movie Director, you can choose a certain personality, for instance, your favorite director.

10 Film Music Research Paper Topics

You might be keen on music. Then these superb research paper topics for film music are for you:

  • The Evolution of Music in Films.
  • The Art of Sound Design in Filmmaking.
  • How Music Conveys the Mood of Films.
  • The Promotion Abilities of Movies Soundtracks.
  • Classical Music and Horror Movies.
  • The Influence of Music in Films.
  • The Role of a Theme Song in a Movie.
  • Music in Cartoons.
  • Live Music in Movies.
  • The Cultural Impact of Musicals.

The list may be prolonged with many interesting topics. Hopefully, it will ignite your creative thinking.

10 Horror Research Paper Ideas

One more theme with great potential is Horror Movies. Opt for it, and your research won’t be just a job but a fun job!

  • The History of the Horror Genre.
  • Why Is The Fusion of Comedy and Horror A Success?
  • The Traits of Monster CultureT in the 21st Century Films.
  • Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense.
  • The Monster Cinema Mythology.
  • Vampires: The Concept of Undead in Films.
  • The Role of Suspense in Horror Movies.
  • How does the Element of Fear Work in the Horror Genre?
  • Racial Discrimination in Horror Films.
  • The Representation of Human Monstrosity in Horror Films.

Such research paper topics for the film genre of Horror are a guarantee of an A+ grade when you take the idea seriously.

5 Extra Film Research Paper Ideas

Are you still searching for more topics? Well, we have something absolutely special for you. The following research paper topics for film studies are sure ways to satisfy your supervisor.

  • A Movie Analysis.
  • Traits and Skills a Successful Film Director Should Have.
  • Masculinity and Violence in Hollywood Blockbusters.
  • Ethnocentrism of Foreign Cinematography.
  • Video Streaming and the Future of Cinema.

These topics are not simple. However, once you have done any of them right, it will bring you the highest grade possible.

The Best Tip When Writing a Research Paper

There exist many striking research paper topics for film studies. Still, each of them requires a professional approach and excellent writing skills. You may be a busy student with lots of other assignments. When you don’t want to disappoint your film course professor, you can ask a solid expert writing service for assistance.

This might be the best advice on research paper writing for you since it will protect you from unnecessary stress and save you time. Such services will help you with choosing the right topic as well as performing the whole task.

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