Finance Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
30 March 2022

The Best Finance Research Paper Topics

If you got stuck on the choice of a finance topic for your research paper, do not worry. We have listed 50 smart research paper topics about finance for you. Pick any of them and get an A+ grade! Still, do you not know which idea will suit your paper the best? Our experts are ready to guide you through choosing a 100% successful finance topic and getting it into shape.

How to Select the Finance Research Paper Topic?

So, your assignment is a research paper in finance, but you need to select the topic yourself. You won’t have to do anything extra difficult to find it. Simply take the following steps when looking through research paper topics about finance:

  • Use authoritative sources (online sites, newspapers, uni libraries, etc.) to pick an idea for your research paper.
  • The topic that interests you is the right idea for you.
  • It should be relevant!
  • Choose a subject narrow enough to fit your research paper’s size.
  • Opt for research paper topics about finance that might interest readers.
  • Your topic should be clear, and most experts would recommend making it concise (15 words, maximally)

In most cases, you will raise your chances when you pick a topic you are familiar with in some way. However, this rule is optional. When exploring something completely new attracts you, and you are ready to give mind to it, full steam ahead!

List of Finance Research Paper Topics: 15 Bulletproof Ideas

Are you searching for relevant research paper topics about finance? We have plenty of ideas! Below are the Top 15 topics you can effectively use in your finance research paper.

  • Future of the Global Financial System.
  • Theory of Finance: The Fundamentals.
  • Finance Market Regulation.
  • The Main Functions of Finance.
  • Organization of Finance in a Non-Profit Organization.
  • Aspects of Financial Performance in the Banking Sector.
  • Factors That Drive Economic Growth in the European Union.
  • What Causes Recurring Financial Crisis?
  • External Financing.
  • How Does Interest Rate Influence Share Price?
  • Characteristics of the Financial Systems in Developed Countries.
  • Financial Management Methods.
  • The Relationship of Funds with Other Economic Categories.
  • Influence of Finance on the Development of Market Relations.
  • Public Finance Structure.

These topics by no means cover the subject of finance. However, they can help you to generate your own ideas for a successful finance research paper.

15 Finance-Related Research Paper Topics

What about linking your finance research to another topic related to it? Thus, a countless number of financial topics can be created. Let’s observe our Top 15 research paper topics about finance.

  • Risk management in an Enterprise.
  • Providing Financial Management for Small Businesses.
  • How to Assess the Financial Needs of an Enterprise?
  • Basic Methods of Calculating Interest.
  • Organization of Logistics Company Finances.
  • Features of the Purchase and Sale of Securities.
  • The Behavior of Businesses in the Context of Inflation.
  • How Can Microeconomics Maximize Revenues?
  • The Role of Funds in Solving Social Problems.
  • How to Organize Financial Control in a Market Economy?
  • Government Revenues and Expenditures.
  • Monetary Policy: The Essence and Its Significance.
  • The Meaning of Leasing.
  • The Concept of Bank Loans.
  • The Effective Methods of Financial Management.

When you wish to research a certain domain, you can always count on online support. For instance, you may be enthusiastic about such a subject as microeconomics. If you cannot make up a topic for your finance research paper related to it, follow this compact guide with a few fresh ideas and tips on writing.

10 Research Paper Topics for Corporate Finance

One more sure-fire alternative is choosing the topic related to corporate finance. Do you believe that there’s nothing more to add to this domain? You have to rethink this matter. You may use one of the following research paper topics about finance in a corporation.

  • Research of Corporate Governance, Investment Risks, and Company Value.
  • How to Plan the Capital Structure of the Corporation?
  • Bankruptcy as a Technique of a Corporation Restructure.
  • The Motives for the Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Venture Capital Financing in the Global Capital Market.
  • Financial Solutions to the Corporate Restructuring Strategies.
  • How to Assess the Risky Corporate Debt?
  • Analysis of the Cost of Capital of a Corporation with a Complex Capital Structure.
  • Dividend Policy Models: International studies.
  • Analysis Models of the Mergers and Acquisitions Effectiveness in an Industrial or Banking Business.

These are only a few examples. The benefit of corporate finance topics is in their popularity. You can find lots of reliable sources for capturing information necessary for your study.

10 Finance Research Paper Ideas

Want to find a brilliant topic to get A+ from your supervisor? We have put aside the list of the Top 10 interesting ideas for research paper topics about finance.

  • Crisis Management in Global Financial Businesses.
  • What Are Financial Shocks and How to Prevent Their Emergence?
  • E-money: How it Influences the World Finance Market.
  • Cashback and Its Structure: Another Financial Pyramid or Effective Tool?
  • Stock Exchange: How to Analyze Global indexes?
  • The Role of Global Financial Centers For the International Capital Markets.
  • Financial Pyramids: The History of the Global Financial Market Formation.
  • Financial literacy and How it Affects the Global Economy.
  • Financial Engineering: Derivatives.
  • Stakeholders’ Approach to the Market Value of an Enterprise.

The topics like these are a guarantee of a captivating investigation as well as an effective result at the end of your term.

Bonus Writing Tip

Instead of a summary, take some tips on how to write an A+ grade research paper from our experts. Follow this algorithm working for all research paper topics about finance:

  1. Collect as much substantive information as you can.
  2. Your paper should be structured.
  3. Base your work on facts, analyses, etc. to make it sound.
  4. Use simple and clear sentences.
  5. Add quotations and cite them.
  6. Supply the research paper with extra sources of information.
  7. Reread your paper and improve it.

At any of these stages, you may need more guidance from professionals. There are many expert paper writers on the Internet. So, do not hesitate to use their help online.

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