30 of the Most Important Gender Issues Research Paper Topics

One field of studies that is getting increased attention and focus of researchers in the present age is gender issues. The present age is the age of women empowerment. Even though much has to be done to foster gender equality in all realms all over the world, efforts are being made in the right direction.

In this article, you’ll not only be introduced to as many as 30 topics for research paper on gender issues but also we suggest you 10 questions and 5 ideas. Whether you want to take and use our suggestions as such or you want to modify them to your liking is up to you.

Useful Tips on How to Select the Best Gender Issues Research Paper Topic?

Many topics for the research paper are very good. There are no defined criteria that help establish a certain topic as good. Important things to keep in mind while selecting a topic are:

  • It should sound interesting to you.
  • There should be a dearth of sufficient knowledge about it in the present literature body.
  • It’s practicable to research it within the means and resources you have.

30 Very Interesting Gender Issues Research Paper Topics

There’s a wide range of topics for research papers on gender issues. The range spans both the developing and the developed countries equally. 30 topics you can consider for research are:

  • Factors are discouraging parents from giving higher education to their daughters in India.
  • Differences in ideal body expectations between men and women.
  • Challenges for female workers in the UAE.
  • Discrimination against female employees in the textile industry in Iran.
  • Gender in the landscape of global research.
  • Underemployment of eunuchs in third world countries.
  • Gender differences in academia.
  • Gender bias in scholarly authorship.
  • Female infertility and marital problems.
  • Unemployment of eunuchs – a big social problem.
  • Differences between the parenting style of men and women.
  • Cultural differences between gay marriage and straight marriage.
  • Obstacles in female higher education in Africa.
  • Psychological implications of single parenting on the child.
  • Effects of same-gender parents on children.
  • The effect of gender stereotypes regarding intellectual ability on a student’s professional aptitude.
  • Gender and emerging aspirations for a career.
  • A historical account of movements against gender discrimination.
  • Challenges in the employment of transpeople.
  • Differences between the beauty standards of men and women.
  • The problem of female child abortion in India.
  • Social implications of more female than the male population.
  • Marital rights of transgenders.
  • Division of domestic responsibilities between working partners in marriage.
  • Responsibilities of marital partners towards the family.
  • Biases of the legal system towards women in family courts in developing countries.
  • Hindrances in women empowerment in India.
  • Common stereotypes about female workers.
  • The concept of gender identity in pop culture.
  • Causes of gender imbalance in China.

Top 10 Gender Issues Research Paper Questions

Gender issues make for very good questions for research papers. Topics phrased as questions immediately convey the sense of whole research focus on the audience. 10 of the most interesting questions related to gender are as follows:

  • Why are women underrepresented in top management and leadership roles?
  • The pressure to conform to an ideal body type – are men leveraged?
  • Why journals invite more men to referee?
  • If she can do it, I can too – do same-gender role models matter?
  • Is surgical transformation of a man into a woman biologically complete and successful?
  • What professions are best suitable for transgenders?
  • Are gay parents more successful than lesbian parents in a patriarchal society?
  • What causes an individual to undergo surgeries to change his/her gender?
  • Are beauty standards for women age specific?
  • Can men and women be just friends?

5 Important Gender Issues Research Paper Ideas

You may want to have a look at our ideas. They can be used as such or narrowed down into specific topics. 5 ideas relevant to present times are:

  • Married women are dependent upon husbands for professional success.
  • American presidential elections are biased towards male candidates.
  • Men are solely responsible for winning bread for the family.
  • Women are as good leaders as men.
  • Same-gender parenting fails to address a child’s nurturing needs.

If you also want to research gender issues, this article is very informative for you. However, if you need help with further topics, questions, or ideas, feel free to approach us. We’ll instantly get you an expert for your research paper. Safely rely on custom research paper writing service.