Research papers are one of the means of improving the quality of a study. Such tasks teach students to creatively apply the achievements of scientific and technological progress in practical activities.

Getting started on any research paper begins with choosing a good topic. How to do it right, we will tell you below.

How to Select the Best Genetics Research Paper Topic?

Choosing a topic is easy if you know exactly what interests you at the moment. If you can’t immediately identify a topic, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What in genetics interests me the most?
  • How much free time do I have?
  • On what topics of the previous assignments did I get the best grades?
  • What of the already studied in the field of genetics would I like to learn more deeply?
  • Do I have any skills or knowledge that I am particularly proud of?

If these questions do not help, contact the teachers and ask them for advice. Maybe they will give you an interesting idea. You can also check out our list of the best research paper topics about genetics.

List of Genetics Research Paper Topics – TOP 25

  1. Migrating genome – what is it?
  2. Genetic features of individual development.
  3. Features of the reproductive potential of collection varieties of winter wheat.
  4. Different quality varieties of winter soft wheat with different architectonics depending on the stem density.
  5. Recent most valuable advances in genetics.
  6. Genotypic conditionality of intelligence and components of psychophysiological parameters.
  7. Environment, factors of biotic and abiotic nature that affect the human genotype.
  8. Why don’t we look alike? (immunological aspects)
  9. Methods of human genetic research.
  10. Creation of lines and hybrids of corn with a high yield of grain moisture when ripe.
  11. Inheritance of the trait of color blindness in the human genotype?
  12. Genetics and man.
  13. Source material in the breeding of rice varieties to increase productivity.
  14. Criteria for early prediction of sports inclinations.
  15. Creation of initial material for selection of confectionery sunflower.
  16. Where are we from? (to the problem of the origin of life)
  17. Animal cloning. Problems and prospects.
  18. Sowing quality and productivity of different types of rice varieties depending on the timing of harvesting.
  19. Scientific and ethical problems of cloning.
  20. Hereditary diseases of small domestic animals.
  21. Modern views on the nature of aging.
  22. Creation and development of new varieties of plants.
  23. Mutagens, carcinogens, allergens, antimutagens.
  24. Artificial organs – a problem and prospects.
  25. The world of nanotechnologies – possibilities of application in biology and medicine.

20 Human Genetics Research Paper Topics

  1. Types of mutagens. generative mutations. Gametogenesis. Preservation of autosomal mutations in populations.
  2. Basic methods of psychogenetics. Cohesion analysis method. Meiosis. Chromosomal theory of heredity.
  3. Autosomal linked inheritance. Matrix processes. Levels of regulation of gene activity. Causes of hereditary diseases.
  4. Examples of multifactorial diseases. Pharmacogenetics. Medical genetic counseling. The risk of developing mental pathologies in children, fertilization. Methods of prenatal diagnosis.
  5. biometric genetics. Interaction of allelic and non-allelic genes.
  6. Human evolution – possible outcomes.
  7. genotypic variance. Basic methods of psychogenetics. Congenital malformations.
  8. Man and the environment are the results of the evolution of human society today.
  9. Influence of genes on predisposition to arterial hypertension.
  10. Genetics of human populations.
  11. Analysis of the human genome at different levels of its organization.
  12. Persistence of recessive X-linked diseases in populations. The human genome. DNA fractions and their significance for the diagnosis of mental pathologies.
  13. Psychogenetic studies of intelligence and other cognitive functions.
  14. Will the genetic foundations of the mind be deciphered?
  15. Methods of molecular genetics. Designations of gene mutations. genetic passport. multifactorial diseases. IQ inheritance.
  16. Tasks and subject of psychogenetics. Genotype, phenotype. Types of inheritance. Laws of Mendel. Pleiotropy.
  17. Harmful and beneficial mutations
  18. Genomic mutations on the sex chromosomes. Chromosomal mutations. Structural abnormalities of chromosomes. The structure of DNA. Methods of molecular genetics.
  19. Identification of causes negatively affecting the human genotype.
  20. Methods of cytogenetics. Mitosis. Chromosomal diseases. Genomic mutations in autosomes.

15 Molecular Genetics Research Paper Topics

  1. Visual analysis in the genetics of agricultural plants.
  2. Genetic bases of ontogeny.
  3. Creation of a new source material based on modern sunflower hybrids.
  4. Sowing qualities and productivity of winter barley varieties depending on seeding rates and growth regulators.
  5. Collection of varieties of hybrid iris as a starting material for breeding.
  6. Genetic anomalies in small domestic animals.
  7. Using the Shuttle breeding method in sunflower breeding.
  8. Features of breeding and seed production of interspecific hybrids of corn.
  9. The study of reproductive processes in the soybean flower to increase the effectiveness of crossbreeding in breeding practice.
  10. Comparative analysis of the state of the environment and the frequency of birth of children with congenital and hereditary pathology.
  11. The consequences of the influence of environmental factors on the human genotype.
  12. Studying the trait of inheritance in my family using the genealogical method.
  13. Features of resistance to root hypoxia in accessions of winter soft wheat in order to create the starting material for breeding.
  14. Creation of initial material for selection of early maturing sunflower confectionery varieties.
  15. The genotype-environmental ratio in the formation of some human traits.

10 Interesting Genetics Topics for Research Paper

  1. Genetic features of the resistance of winter barley varieties to leaf spot on the example of net helminthosporium.
  2. Creation of new source material for breeding ornamental sunflowers.
  3. Genetic anomalies of agricultural poultry.
  4. Methods for obtaining high-quality seeds of sunflower hybrids.
  5. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hereditary diseases.
  6. Pollen analysis in plant breeding.
  7. Formation and development of genetics.
  8. Breeding value of rice forms with the erection arrangement of leaves and hybrids created on their basis.
  9. Study of the problems of the morphological structure of schoolchildren.
  10. Hereditary diseases. Classification.

10 Genetics Research Paper Ideas

  1. Features of the reproductive system of multi-flowered forms of winter soft wheat.
  2. Genetics: a modern approach.
  3. Classical genetic experiments.
  4. Proteomics, genomics, metabolomics – new directions in biology.
  5. Most recent hereditary diseases.
  6. Hereditary diseases of small domestic animals.
  7. Using the method of molecular labeling to evaluate the source material of winter barley.
  8. Organization and evolution of the nuclear genome.
  9. Genetic fund of the Nation.
  10. Hyaluronidase deficiency.

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