What is Greek Mythology Research Paper Topic?

The word myth comes from the Greek Mythos – legend, tradition. A legend that conveys the ideas of ancient peoples about the origin of the world, natural phenomena, gods, and legendary heroes. Another meaning of the word myth is fiction. However, the very creation of myths was the first step of a person towards creativity and self-knowledge. Therefore, it is not surprising that students are given tasks related to Greek mythology.

How to Choose Greek Mythology Research Paper Topic?

Greek mythology evolved over several centuries, passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. Myths have come to us already in the poetry of Hesiod and Homer and the works of the Greek playwrights Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and others. That is why they had to be gathered from a variety of sources.

Students, too, often have to gather all their inspiration to develop a topic for the paper. When choosing a topic, the main advice is to choose the one you like the most. You can also check out our list of research paper topics about Greek mythology.

List of Greek Mythology Research Paper Topics: Top-20

  1. Periodization of ancient Greek mythology.
  2. The role of myth in Homer’s Iliad. Homer’s attitude to the Olympian pantheon is the specificity of Homer’s realism.
  3. The historical, ideological, and aesthetic significance of ancient literature. World significance of Greek culture and mythology.
  4. Sophocles – playwright of the heyday of the Athenian slave-owning democracy. Sophocles’ innovation in the genre of Athenian tragedy.
  5. Ideological and artistic features of Homer’s Odyssey. The image of Odysseus is the image of a warrior and a wanderer.
  6. Greek comedy. Origin history.
  7. Ancient Greek literature through the ages.
  8. Figurative structure of the tragedies of Sophocles.
  9. “Age of Pericles” is the reason for the design of ancient Greek tragedy as a genre. Historical and literary origins of Greek tragedy.
  10. Aristotle’s doctrine and modern literature.
  11. Ideological and thematic originality of the tragedy of Aeschylus “Chained Prometheus” Features of the compositional structure of the tragedy.
  12. The historical world significance of Greek mythology, its connection with the culture of other countries.
  13. The structure of ancient Greek mythology. Cosmogonic theories.
  14. Features of the ancient fable (Aesop, Phaedrus).
  15. Ancient Greek epigram.
  16. The image of Prometheus in ancient and world literature.
  17. Motifs of antiquity in Shakespeare’s works.
  18. Mythology is a form of existence of ancient consciousness.
  19. Periods of development of Greek myths.
  20. Ancient Greek drama.

15 Good Greek Mythology Research Paper Topics

  1. The structure of ancient Greek mythology. Trojan cycle of myths. His heroes.
  2. How well do you know Greek culture?
  3. Gods are people, too: what Zeus and his “colleagues” teach us.
  4. Ancient Greek comedy, its connection with mythology. The structure of Attic comedy.
  5. Genre originality of the Greek novel.
  6. Cretan-Mycenaean era. Archaeological excavations related to the Homeric epic. Scientific research by G. Schliemann, M. Ventris, Evans.
  7. Figurative structure of Sophocles’s tragedy “Oedipus Rex.” The problem of human personality in Sophocles.
  8. Why is it important for children to know the myths of Ancient Greece?
  9. The life and work of Euripides are features of the worldview. Euripides’ innovation in the world of ancient tragedy.
  10. Ideological and artistic features of Homer’s Iliad. Mythological and historical foundations.
  11. The personality of Homer, various theories concerning the “Homeric question.”
  12. The problem of humanism in the Greek military-heroic epic. Life and customs of the era.
  13. Depicting people as they are, paying attention to strong characters. The tragedy of Euripides “Medea.”
  14. The Problem of the Hero and the Heroic in Homer’s Iliad. The ideological significance of the central images (Achilles, Agamemnon, Hector).
  15. Ancient Greek satire.

10 Interesting Greek Mythology Research Paper Topics

  1. Problems of the tragedy of Euripides “Hippolytus.” Figurative structure.
  2. The originality of ancient Greek lyrics, the main genres, representatives (Archilochus, Sappho, Pindar).
  3. The current state of the “Homeric question.”
  4. The structure of ancient Greek mythology. Theban cycle of myths. His heroes.
  5. Ancient Greek heroic epic. Genre features of the folk epic. Trojan myths.
  6. Features of the plot and composition of the “Iliad,” the artistic merit of the poem.
  7. Ancient lyrics in modern sound.
  8. The structure of ancient Greek mythology. Myths about the golden fleece. The image of Hercules in mythology.
  9. The image of Prometheus in Byron and Shelley.
  10. The structure of the Athenian theater, the festivities in honor of Dionysus. The structure of ancient Greek tragedy.

10 Bonus Greek Mythology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Female characters in the tragedies of Euripides and Seneca.
  2. Mythological and fabulous-fantastic foundations of Homer’s Odyssey. Features of the composition of the poem.
  3. The life and work of Aeschylus. Aeschylus is a poet of the period of formation of Athenian democracy. The tragedy “Persians” is a hymn to Athens.
  4. Problems and the main conflict of the tragedy of Sophocles “Antigone.” Tragedy characters.
  5. Characters in Homer’s Iliad. Artistic features of the construction of images.
  6. The lyricism of Virgil’s “Aeneid.” Images of Dido and Aeneas. The role of myth in poetry
  7. The symbolic structure of Virgil’s poem “Aeneid” is the connection of “Aeneid” with the Homeric epic.
  8. General characteristics of Greek literature, periodization. Mythology.
  9. Genre Specificity of Alexandrian Poetry. The work of Callimachus, Theocritus.
  10. Greek literature of the Hellenistic era. Characteristics of literary trends. The mythology of the era.

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