Writing research papers is a tedious and overwhelming task that many students face. It is even more challenging when your teacher hasn’t provided you with a specific topic to write about. Nowadays, high school students are required to write a research paper based on the content they have learned in class.

Some of the assignments contain themes that need the student to choose the topic themselves. Therefore, getting an alternative on where to get some subjects can be of great help to you. And that is why we have compiled a list of outstanding topics, questions, and ideas that you can pick for your research paper.

How to Find High School Research Paper Topics When Writing your Assignment

When writing your paper, you should know that your professor has a vast knowledge of the subject. You have to, therefore, conduct research to get credible sources to find information to support your ideas. Also, you should also read the instruction on the task to know the specific writing style to use.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 101 topics and ideas that you can use for your research paper. We have also recommended some questions that you can focus on. These topics cover almost all disciplines, therefore if you are experiencing a challenge of identifying the right subject for your research paper you can choose one from this list.

How to Select Research Paper Topic for High School Efficiently

If your teacher requires you to pick the topic of your choice you need to consider the following factors:

  • Your interest

Before you even starting writing, you need to ask yourself what area you are passionate about? Do not pick a complicated topic that will give you trouble when researching for information, instead, focus on areas that you are interested in.

  • Your experience levels

Besides writing about your area of interest, you can choose a topic that you have a deep understanding. For example, if you have personal or professional experience on an issue, it becomes easier when researching for you already know much of the details to include on the research paper.

  • Availability of information to support your idea

Some topics have minimal sources of information thus providing you with an immense challenge when doing the research. It is essential to pick a title that has numerous sources such as journals, books, magazines, websites among others.

  • Your audience

Do not just write a topic because it excites you, it might not intrigue your teacher, and consequently, you will get a lower grade. Therefore, you need to identify an area that is persuasive enough to your professor for you to get your desired grade.

20 Most Popular List of High School Research Paper Topics

Here are some of the favorite topics that your teacher will be happy to see:

  • Gun violence in schools and ways to reduce its spread
  • the use of smartphones in schools
  • Youth role in environment conservation
  • Benefits and influence of Social media
  • Role of technology in education
  • The psychological effect of bullying and how to overcome it in school
  • Impact of global warming and how to reduce it
  • How social media affecting and influencing the social interaction in our society
  • Effect on online gaming on the students and youth in general
  • Impact of cyber-bullying and how to overcome it among the youth
  • Teens privilege and their constitutional right to vote
  • Single parenthood and its effect on the children
  • Depression and how it can lead to suicide tendencies
  • Impact of pop culture on millennials
  • Benefits of sports integration on education
  • The US-Mexica border construction to control illegal immigration
  • Effect of divorce on children
  • Factors contributing to China economic growth
  • Benefits of public-school systems compared to chartered schools
  • Pros and cons of parental censorship of internet content

Exciting High School Research Paper Questions

Below are some questions that you can address your research paper:

  • What are the effects of drug and substances abuse on society?
  • How can youth overcome drug addiction?
  • What are the benefits of teaching sex education in schools?
  • What is the effect of cigarette and alcohol addiction?
  • What are the best ways to stay away from addiction?
  • Why are teens getting involved in crime?
  • Should juvenile offenders be punished with actual jail time?
  • How can teenagers stay away from criminal activities?
  • Which is the most effective method of grading students?
  • What is the role of children in environmental conservation?
  • How does civil war affect women and children?
  • What is the impact of technology on world economies?
  • What are the causes of teenage pregnancy and how can it be reduced in our schools?

Attractive Research Paper Topics on Various Disciplines

Below are 30 good topics for high school research papers you can use in your assignments:

  • Primary causes of the America Civil War
  • Benefits of the integration of special needs students into schools
  • Advantages and disadvantages of internet use in schools
  • Smartphone and their influence on the social development of children
  • The neutrality effect on the internet
  • An impact of social media on teenagers
  • The implications of artificial intelligence on education
  • The importance of technology usage in the classroom
  • The impact of global warming on the environment
  • Pros and cons of nuclear energy
  • Natural disasters as a result of global warming in recent years
  • Mother Teresa and the importance of her teachings
  • The outcome of Brexit in Europe and Britain
  • Recycling to prevent environmental pollution
  • Reducing the global hunger crisis
  • Influence of global trade activities on various cultures worldwide
  • Benefits and drawbacks of space exploration
  • Licensed hunting and the threat to endangered species
  • The effect of greenhouse gases on the environment
  • Importance of learning music
  • The advantage of nutritional feeding on children
  • Gender equality and why it is a global trend
  • The impact of vaccination on children
  • Advantages of contemporary teaching methods in schools
  • Homeschooling traditional school setup
  • Media influence on the moral behaviour of teens
  • Impact of ‘me too’ movement on the society
  • The greatest empire in history and why it fell
  • The fall of confederate states
  • Technological breakthroughs of the 20th century

17 Critical Research Paper Topics for High School

Relevant topics that will make your research paper outstanding:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified food
  • School security personnel to be allowed to have guns to counter gun attacks in the institutions
  • Benefits and risks of online gaming on the children
  • Significant court rulings and influence their have to date
  • Factors that led to world war II
  • The contribution of the US towards world war
  • Benefits of human exploration of space
  • The possibility of habitable planets other than earth
  • Endangered species of animals and plants and how to preserve them
  • Role movies and films play in fighting corruption
  • Effects of hydraulic fracking on the ecosystems
  • Causes of cancer and how to combat it effectively
  • The significance of drones in modern warfare
  • Importance of cryptocurrency in contemporary business activities
  • Obesity in women and children
  • Problems facing the America penitentiary system
  • Globalization and its effect on trade and human interaction

20 Good Research Paper Topics for High School Students

Here is a list of excellent topics to focus on when writing a research paper:

  • Dangers of spending a lot of time online
  • The impact on self-driving motor vehicles on the society
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the use of personal phones in the workplace
  • The effect of texting youth literacy
  • Deforestation in the Amazon
  • Impact of the continued use of fossil fuels
  • Implications of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015
  • The elimination of social segregation
  • Increase in human trafficking in developing counties
  • Overpopulation and how can it be controlled
  • Influences of globalization on African cultural beliefs
  • Computer gaming and its effect on children’s emotional development
  • The contribution of women in the second world war
  • Effective ways to fight drug trafficking
  • Violence and sexual content in video games
  • Guns laws in the US
  • The introduction of robots in industries
  • Green energy and its importance in reducing pollution
  • The treatment of war veterans by the government
  • Causes and effects of earthquakes

16 Brilliant English Research Paper Topics for High School

Unique topics for your high school English research paper:

  • William Shakespeare description of a woman in Macbeth
  • Differences and similarities between modern and traditional literature
  • Similarities of today’s politicians to those of Julius Caesar according to Shakespeare
  • The depiction of sexuality and love in literature
  • The use of imagery in novels
  • Propaganda used in English literature
  • Evidence of the supernatural in traditional and modern literature
  • The character development in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Morrison’s Beloved
  • The central theme in Toni Morrison’s Beloved
  • The depiction of gender equality in Macbeth
  • The best ways to teach children adult responsibilities
  • Parental care and its effect on a child’s development
  • Use of irony and sarcasm in a novel
  • The impact of romance novels on actual relationships
  • Ways to learn and master English efficiently for a non-native English speaker
  • Differences between Victorian English and modern English language

Some Ideas to Help You Writing a Perfect Research Paper

When writing your assignment and you have no idea on what topic to write about you can pick one from the list above. Here are some useful ideas for you. Whether you are a freshman or a senior student you can select a suitable idea according to your preference. They include:

  • Give a historical background of the writer, what was his position when writing the story? What impact of his book at the time of writing? How does it associate or relate with the current?
  • What political issues does the book highlight? War? Equality? Corruption? Rights? Etc.
  • What is your opinion or critics on a book? What are other notable criticisms and how do they compare or contrast?

We compiled the research paper topics for all students. However, if you don’t have enough time to complete your assignment you can seek professional assistance from our expert research paper writers. Our researchers will help you choose the right topic for your paper as well assist you in writing the work for you. Therefore, if you are having any difficulties, you can contact us, and we will help you. Order now.