Most students are usually more familiar with academic essay writing as opposed to application essays. In academic papers, you simply write the introduction, a few paragraphs of facts followed by a conclusion. However, in admission essays, you need to breathe in more life into the essay. College application essay is more than just stating your credit scores, grades and activities you partake in after school.

This essay needs to capture your personality. What this means is that you express your ambitions, hobbies, achievements, life experiences, leadership skills, and other personal attributes. Imagine yourself standing in front of an admissions panel trying to convince them why they need to admit you to the faculty. What will you say to convince them?

A common challenge students experience while writing college admission essays is trying to fit in all the things they have seen and experienced into a single paper. However, an application essay is not supposed to be a life story; it is usually around 650 words in length. Instead, select a particular moment in time and place your focus on narrating the story behind it.

What Is a College Application Essay? And How Can It Be Written?

College application essays are papers written and submitted by prospective students aspiring to gain admission into a college, university or graduate school. This type of paper can also be referred to as a personal statement or even a statement of purpose. The essay forms part of the admissions process. Some institutions require only one letter while others require multiple applications from a single student.

In other institutions, the process is optional. Furthermore, in some regions such as the United States, some colleges have a requirement of writing a standard general admissions letter. After that, all applicants are required to write supplementary admissions required by various member institutions.

Tips on How to Write a Good College Application Essay

The first step towards writing an outstanding college application essay is to make good preparation. This process enables you to write your essay without straining. You are also able to write much faster. Start by reading and gaining a proper understanding of the essay prompts. This ensures that you do not veer off the essay’s purpose. Read the prompts again to reinforce your understanding.

After that, take time to meditate about what the paper is asking before you start letting your ideas flow. This helps you come up with the most appropriate ideas. Write down all the ideas that come into mind. Finally, narrow down on three to four ideas you consider most important for your paper. Remember, you are the one who chooses your own story and the image you intend to portray.

Advice on How to Structure a College Application Essay

To properly structure your college application essay, you need to create an outline of the paper. This outline acts as a blueprint that will guide the writing of the paper. A good story requires a beginning, a middle and a conclusion. One idea must lead to the other. This is what will make your piece easy to read and comprehend. Therefore, your college application essay structure should include an introduction section, a body, and a conclusion.

Tips on Writing a College Application Essay Introduction Properly

In your essay introduction, you need to start with a hook. This is a sentence or a phrase aimed at attracting and maintaining the reader’s attention. A good strategy for opening your essay can be to start with some humor, a proverb or an anecdote. Inserting a hook at the beginning gives you a way to use one narrative or refer back to your initial ideas throughout the paper. This gives the entire essay a greater flow and sets the stage for you to bring all of it together in the conclusion conveniently.

How to Start a College Application Essay Right

There are some common mistakes applicants usually make while writing an introductory segment of their papers. Always try to avoid the following mistakes:

  • giving dictionary definitions: This makes your paper sound vague also makes it apparent that you are simply trying to beef up the word count.
  • Repeating the question: some writers restate the question making it part of their introduction. This is grossly unnecessary. If at all you need to include the question, rephrase it in other words.
  • Mapping of thoughts: this process needs to be done during the preparation and creation of an outline. Do not state the path you took while researching the paper in your Stick to facts only.
  • Confining your thoughts: though you need a strong introduction that can stand on its own, it also needs to leave room for you to expand on your ideas. Ensure that your statements leave some room for further explanations.

Advice on Writing a College Application Essay Body

This is the most critical part of your essay. Here is whereby you are supposed to narrate all your major life events and how they shaped your outlook. Start with your initial status quo, i.e., the conditions at the beginning of your life’s journey. After that proceed to write an inciting occurrence that might have had a big impact on your life, e.g., your family moving to a new city, joining a new club, among others.

As you progress, raise the stakes. This is whereby changes in your life get bigger. This stage is very critical since it creates some dramatic tension within your story. It leaves the reader in suspense and curious to know even more.

The moment of truth is the climax of your story. This moment is whereby you inform the reader about a major event or breakthrough that has resulted in your current situation. Finish the body paragraphs by explaining how things are faring in your new status quo.

Tips on Writing Your College Application Essay Conclusion

Your conclusion is essentially your last opportunity to convince the reader or impress the faculty’s admissions board on your qualifications. Make every word and idea count. Expand more on the wider implications of your story. Like your conclusion back to your introduction and try as much as possible to end on a good note. Do not summarize your story in the conclusion. Create an ending instead.

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