You are likely to encounter a comparison and contrast paper, which requires you to focus on specific things and ideas. The notion behind, such as a paper is enabling you to make connections between the plans or texts. This will engage you in critical thinking and go beyond the mere description to generate an interesting analysis.

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What is a Compare and Contrast Research Paper?

A compare and contrast paper examines two or more topics. This includes comparing similarities and contrasting the differences. You can alternatively choose to focus entirely on comparing, exclusively contrasting or mixing both as directed by your instructor.

We recommend that you pick usable items and then proceed to list the characteristics. The individual components help in determining whether the subjects can be usable. Afterwards, you can choose a parallel pattern for the organization and effective transitioning of your paper.

Tips on Doing a Good Comparison Essay

Here are some tips and tricks you can use when writing a compare and contrast research paper to increase the chances of presenting a well-structured essay.

Picking a Subject

You should focus on items that are easy to compare or contrast. For example, when examining an idea of whether political or philosophical, you can consider the exact opposite of the plans. In case you are to write an individual, like a prominent leader or celebrity, you can choose another related leader or celebrity to compare or contrast.

Create a List of Characteristics

Continue to divide the piece of paper into two sides. On the first side of the article, list the subject and contain the topic on the other part. You can proceed to record the similarities and differences which you can think of. You can continue to focus on the characteristics which are either shared or opposing between the two subjects.

You can also construct a Venn diagram made up of intersection circles and listing the subject’s differences on both side and the similarities where the circles intersect as you write. You should keep in mind that to accomplish a balanced paper, you must ensure that you make a point by point and parallel comparisons.

Organizing Your Work

With your two subjects at hand, list the essential points of the dissimilarities that exist between them. The points form the background, underlying aspirations and personalities.

Don’t Forget to Use Signal Transitions

Signal words help your readers in understanding the relationship between the sentences, ideas and paragraphs. In case you are comparing and contrasting, you can use signal words to help you sort out what exactly. To achieve an active organization, you can effectively use expressions which go a long way in helping you in producing a good research paper. The transitional words form the basis for the compare and contrast research paper definition.

Actionable Steps to Follow When Preparing the Paper

Here are some actionable steps on how to write a compare and contrast research paper you can follow as a writer.

Step 1: Choice of Subject

The first step is choosing two subjects, thoughts or ideas which are similar and different at the time to have a good paper. In case you want to write about two historical figures, you can opt to choose two great artists.

Step 2: Brainstorming Similarities and Differences

This involves creating a list of comparisons and contrasts. The Venn diagram will be useful in facilitating the process by creating two overlapping circles, with each having a topic you are comparing. The different traits can be noted separately by those who shared are written to fit in the overlapping space.

Step 3: Honing Your Main Argument

After you have listed your similarities and differences, you can make a meaningful statement concerning a broader topic. Look at the list in your hands, what are the most significant points? Which similarities and differences occur from the item? What will be the main arguments?

Step 4: Writing an Outline

Develop your outline that fits into the structure which you have decided on. Instead of the traditional research paper that has three parts: introduction, body and conclusion, you can consider introducing more body paragraphs to provide balance for your subjects.

Step 5: Finding the Supporting Evidence

When writing your paper, ensure that you back up your assertions with evidence from your research or personal experience. When it comes to comparing and contrasting items, you can introduce citations to support your statements. Proceed to explain the importance of the matters in the context of your more extensive argument.

Step 6: Developing a Transitional Word Structure

Transitional words ensure that your essay has a nice flow from one argument to the next. This includes the use of words such as:

  • likewise
  • both
  • also
  • nonetheless
  • on the other hand
  • whereas

How to Write a Conclusion for a Compare and Contrast Research Paper

When it comes to your conclusion paragraph, summarize your work on your paper. Include the main arguments. It is essential to wrap up your essay by summarizing the main arguments for your readers.

After finishing your essay, read through your article several times on spelling grammar mistakes and punctuation. Our services include use of grammar check tools to ensure that your final work has no grammar mistakes and punctuation.

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