When learning how to start an argumentative research paper, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the writing format of the essay and its purpose. This type of essay is aimed at investigating a specific topic or issue.

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You can also take up the Rogerian approach means of your research paper. This approach is essential when the topic you want to write about is controversial. The procedure does not make use of a specific structure which needs to be followed. It is considered more of an approach, especially when presenting the information. The Rogerian approach is where you recognize the sympathetic on both sides of the argument even though you favour one.

The Rogerian approach also takes advantage of taking a wide-scoped view of the main point. You should use the subject to show the importance and criticalness of the issue. The method should also be able to reach the heart of the problem. The main interest of the story is in exploring the compromise between the two sides to arrive at a solution.

What is an Argumentative Research Paper?

An argumentative paper is a different type of essay where you choose your topic. You then conduct research, gather data during the research process to establish your opinion or stand concerning the item you want to write about. This is intending to convince others to share your ideas, thoughts or facts.

When it comes to how to write a argumentative research paper, your argument must meet specific criteria to ensure that it influences other people. A requirement for such a paper includes thorough assessments, persuasive topic and qualified supporting evidence.

Choosing Ideas for Your Argument Research Paper

There is no universal paper structure, but there is a rule of thumb. It is recommended to select a good argumentative topic which is exciting and also relatively easy to defend. It is not a requirement to be conversant entirely with the issue, but having some background knowledge is useful during the research process.

A significant source of argument essays for writing an argumentative research paper can range from news headlines. This is an excellent source to try to persuade other people to change their perspectives in their way of thinking and sharing their point of view.

When it comes to exploring your potential topics, it is essential to ask yourself:

  • Why did this happen?
  • Is this important?
  • How should we react?

Here are the basics of an argumentative research paper definition

Begin with a Hook

Begin with your introduction by writing a sentence that gets the reader interested in the topic. To reach the epitome of your reader’s interest, you can start with a quote, a surprising statistic, a personal story of an interesting question.

In case you are arguing about the ban of smoking from all public spaces, you can begin with your introduction through referencing a statistic from a known source. A good introduction will capture the reader’s attention while introducing the topic of the essay.

Include a Background

Offering your readers with the background on the topic provides you with a better understanding of the issue being presented. The information provides the context and history can be essential in explaining and arguing your main points.

State Your Thesis

The thesis is a critical aspect of your argument essay. It takes a single, clear and concise sentence which sums up your main points. The thesis statement should be an assertion of your position on a specific issue which your reader can potentially argue against. A thesis is not a fact but rather an opinion. The remainder of your essay should explain and offer evidence in support of your thesis statement.

Topic Selection

A critical perfect of executing an excellent argumentative research paper is the choice of the topic. The topics should be current and relevant in society. It is advised to steer away from moral issues since they do not always support a logical discussion that you wish to write about. The research paper should also focus on the following aspects:

Current Topic

The topic must also not be over-debated, and it must still be discussed in society. Some of the common issues which are outdated for your reader’s interest include legalization of marijuana, corruption, death penalty and abortion.

Debatable Topic

The topic should elicit different viewpoints. For example, discussing a controversial issue such as child abuse consequences for society is not debatable. But debating on whether corporal punishments for child abusers is debatable.

Researchable Topic

It is a topic which you can find a variety of credible and updated sources. You should be able to find a host of sources for research from qualified fields to support your overall argument.

How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Research Paper

When it comes to your conclusion, you are going to consider the following two tasks which are essential.

Restating the importance of your issue. This resembles what you did in the introduction and what you want to reaffirm and why the topic is critical.

Painting a lasting picture of the world if the argument is implemented. In the final part of the conclusion, ensure that your reader thinks about the changes and implications of your case. Closing your argument with a clear picture will ensure that your readers believe in the validity of your argument.

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