Learn how to Cite Research Paper

Citations are often considered to be not as important, as instant research paper writing itself. However, this is a great misbelieve, which sometimes can lead students into a great trouble.

The truth is that your paper will receive a much higher grade, if you suggest the reader to follow the main idea of your research work by getting acquainted with works of other writers, who also investigated a topic under revision. Consequently, it is very important to learn how to cite research paper, because otherwise your work will be treated as incomplete and not up to the mark. Sometimes it is impossible to cover all relevant notions in a framework of a single research paper. That is why various citations and their proper sources will be of a great help for people, who would like to continue studying a suggested topic

Why citing is that important

Citations are extremely important, as they show how deep your investigation of a certain topic is. The absence of citations may result in lower grades. Improper or incomplete citations can be even treated as disrespect to the supervising board or to the author of an original source. By and large, such situation can be fatal for the success of a student in a subject.

Citation is a genuine art. There are no exact rules of how to cite research paper, but there are certain requirements and stylistic peculiarities, which must be taken into account. Every citation must clearly quote at least the following: author of a paper, magazine or other referential material and the part from where citation was taken. Different research paper formats imply different types of citing styles. For instance, science-based research papers are usually cited on the basis of the APA format, while works in humanities are usually cited with the help of MLA format.

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