Interesting research topics

How to Choose Interesting Research Topics

Choosing an appropriate research topic can be a corner stone of your research and a clear path to your academic ascent. However, making the choice is a rather demanding tasks. You may also ask yourself what the criteria you should take into account are. Some can choose to rely on their gut instinct when picking a topic but that doesn’t always work as we want it to. We all know that a topic which sounded familiar and seemed easy to pursue may turn out to be a complete disaster. In order to aid thoughtful and conscientious students, we have sketched some useful tips on choosing interesting research topics. These tips are proven to be advantageous because they have originated from logical analysis of the most common mistakes students make when choosing a research topic.

  • Choose a topic that you know of. If the form of your research is critical writing, whether you pursue a critical analysis research paper or a literary research paper, you need to choose a topic which is familiar to you. Unless you do have some background knowledge, you won’t be able to conduct the analysis, juxtapose facts and come to viable conclusions. While these are the essentials on which every critical piece of writing is based. Therefore, prior knowledge is vital in order to succeed.
  • Do not choose a topic which is too general. If your topic is too wide, try to narrow it down to one or two specific aspects. For example, if you are researching on the problem of smoking, then try to highlight the impact of smoking on people of particular age or gender group, or investigate one of the diseases caused by smoking. There is a plenty of interesting research topics to choose from! While a general topic may be fascinating for quite a wide range of people, you can always choose one of its facets and explore it from an unsual and curious point of view.
  • Do not pick a topic which is too weird. You should not choose a topic which is too unusual or have never been researched before. Such a choice may involve hurdles on the stage of generating research ideas or when looking for reference materials. In addition, a strange topic can appear uninteresting to your evaluators, as it will be more complicated to prove that it is an eligible research question if no one has ever taken any interest in it.
  • Be interested in the topic yourself. If the topic is interesting for you, then for sure it will be interesting for your readers, as they will see passion and excitement embedded in your research paper. For a topic to evince interest you must be able to cover all possible angles, all kinds of interpretations and alternative opinions. You should know that it is quite difficult and almost impossible to research and persuasively analyze the topic or subject area which present no personal interest for an author.

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