To get good grades at the end of the semester, you need to write top-notch essays that surpass the professor’s expectations. However, ensuring that you consistently get high grades can be somewhat difficult. This is especially hard when regularly tasked with complex types of papers such as persuasive essays. In this write-up, you will learn ways you can take your articles to the next level.

Steps to Picking a Convincing Topic for Your Essay

Below are the steps you should consider before you can begin the process of writing:

  • Take enough time to rest and meditate
  • Choose what interests you
  • Select the easiest subject
  • Create a suitable hook

Firstly, before you do anything, ensure you have had enough time resting and meditating. This will ensure that you can fully concentrate when you start. Still, you must begin the drafting process sooner rather than waiting until time has elapsed and you have to rush to beat the deadline. It is vital to note that for you to draft good persuasive research paper topics, you need ample time to think about the subject matter. Remember, you have to use all the energy needed to convince the audience to buy your idea.

The second step in creating good topics for persuasive research paper assignments is that you need to look for an interesting issue. However, this step only applies if you do not have a topic from your professor. Picking something that interests you, such as cars, fashion, or law, is an easy way of creating content for your research paper without any hassles.

Thirdly, you need to select a discussion point immediately after listing your areas of interest.  In this step, consider issues that you can comfortably research effortlessly and have readily available information. Professionals know that you should always look for easy persuasive research paper topics rather than finding hard ones. Simple debatable issues are easy to persuade people to join your side.

Lastly, create a hook for your essay. You must begin eliciting interest in your readers at a very early stage. As a flawless writer, you should use the right grammar and some rich vocabulary to create a spark so readers can remain glued to your paper to the end. However, avoid overdoing it

Qualities of Interesting Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Most university and college professors believe that a large percentage of students experience challenges when coming up with such assignments. Some of these learners do not understand what they should have as a captivating title of their essays. While creating the best persuasive research paper topics, there are some characteristics that you should consider for it to qualify as an interesting one. The following are some qualities you should observe while writing.

The chosen college persuasive research paper topics should not be ambiguous. You should go for a subject matter that is easy to understand. Your issue of discussion should not be too simple to avoid getting dismissed by your potential readers. Nonetheless, it should be what the audience can understand and relate with.

It should be of moderate length for it to qualify as an excellent subject matter. You must work on the number of words you use while drafting your heading. Also, your teacher will always deduct marks from your final score if he or she finds your paper to be too long or too short. While writing, always work with a lean theme but still make sense when someone reads it. Learn to shorten your sentences. For instance, the boss angrily called the employees at the office and told them to improve their performance can be replaced with “the angry boss summoned his team on claims of poor performance.”

While it is imperative to remain direct to the point while creating your titles, you should, once in a while, include some rich vocabulary in it. By doing this, your readers feel impressed by your level of English. You can be assured that you will get a few extra points in your final score for having one of the best convincing essays in your class.

Tips on Creating Persuasive Research Paper Topics for College Students

Unlike other standard types of essays, these assignments require excellent skills to get good points after the grading session. Do you believe that you have the skills to create good topics for a persuasive research paper? Well, if you are not confident, you can always learn a little about these forms of assignments here. Below are a few points you should note when starting.

While drafting a persuasive research essay, you should identify your audience at a very early stage before you begin. Before you start jotting anything on paper, you should list points for both sides of the issue to ensure you understand your topic. Again, identify what you are going to support so that you can find stronger points to reinforce your chosen idea.

Secondly, you should do a fundamental study on the subject and start early. It is a common phenomenon for writers to wait until the last minute to begin working on an assignment. Well, if you want to compose interesting persuasive essay topics and to score well in these papers then, you need to begin preparation early.

Inevitably, you need to develop a structure for your text. Here, you are supposed to decide on how to present your ideas. Ensure that the organization of your essay increases your ability to compel your readers to side with you. Find the most convincing reasons for them to buy your point of view.  If you experience difficulties, you can always approach your professor and ask him or her to give you practice topics to write a persuasive research paper on; he or she will readily assist. Below is a few examples that can help you in choosing what to discuss:

  1. Presidents should serve more than two terms
  2. Inmates ought to be permitted to vote
  3. Advertising to children is morally wrong
  4. Death penalty should be upheld
  5. Every home needs a gun
  6. Elementary schools ought to teach at least one foreign language
  7. Tips and donations should not be taxed
  8. Interns need salaries
  9. The Brexit will not hurt any economy
  10. Graffiti is art
  11. E-books are better than paper backs
  12. Counselling is the best way to end bullying at school
  13. Censoring internet is not necessary
  14. US military budget should be slashed
  15. Trump is not racist
  16. Governments ought to negotiate with terrorists
  17. Assisted suicides should be legal
  18. Catholic priests should marry
  19. Cloning is morally right
  20. Wind is the best form or renewable energy
  21. Animals do not have emotional feelings
  22. Athletes in schools should not be paid
  23. Swimming is the best sport
  24. Robots do not affect unemployment rates
  25. Video games enhance creativity
  26. Technology has brought people together
  27. Sportsmen should be permitted to take steroids
  28. Gambling can be a source of income
  29. Trump mislead the US to leave the Paris Agreement
  30. Vaccination should not be mandatory
  31. Churches should be taxed

As seen above, each discussion seems to be swaying to one side of the debate. You should follow that line while searching for ideas. Alternatively, if you feel that all this is too much, you can always hire a professional writer to help you do the assignment. We have hundreds of experts on these types of papers. They are available 24/7. Wait no further, get online now, and fill the order form. Talk to us on the live chat platform. Our writers are ready to help you out with that paper.