30 Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
19 November 2019

Great Philosophy Research Paper Topics

When considered as an academic discipline, philosophy is the study of reality, existence, and the fundamental nature of knowledge. Your tutor expects you to come up with great ideas for your projects. You want the best scores and also want to impress your professor, but you are stuck at how to go about it. Well, this is a broad subject studied through high school to the university level. You can get ideas on how to come up with good topics from various sources depending on your level of education. But if you still feel clueless about where to get the topics, that’s where we come in handy, and our writers will provide you with easy philosophy research paper topics.

Interesting Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Writing good topics for a philosophy research paper is not a simple task. As a college student, you should always work hard to impress your professor and your fellow students. However, coming up with a fascinating topic can get so hectic. Relax, we have a list of some of the best research paper topics. You can use them as they are, or use them to gain a different idea. Before you choose any of the following, here are fantastic tips on how to select the most suitable topic

Learning the course enables you to view life issues from different perspectives. You learn to tackle any obstacle which you might encounter.  Regardless of your major, you might find yourself enjoying a philosophy class. But getting topics for the subject can get complicated as it is new and different. Coming up with college philosophy research paper topics that are easy can make the whole process successful, and you will get good scores in your paper.

Tips on How to Pick the Best Topic

Choose whether to write about a concept, a problem, or a philosopher. If you are a keen student, you will notice that different courses educate you on different things. Some teach about the works of a certain philosopher, others focus on particular concepts, while others offer specific answers to problems in the subject. If your tutor has shown one specific idea, you can expound on it or if not, choose to focus on discussing the works of an individual philosopher.

  • Only reference well-known philosophers

Settle for the philosophers you have studied in class even if they did not talk about the topic you are writing. You can compare their work and fit it into your text. In philosophy, the ideas of one person cannot get held against those of others. Including the famous philosopher’s ideologies into your paper makes it more interesting.

  • Pick topics for a philosophy research paper that you can comfortably cover

Depending on your assignment, you need to ensure that your subject includes all the instructions provided. If you are writing a short page, choose a topic that is not too broad as you might end up leaving out important details. When much is needed, choose a topic which you can widely research on to get as many ideas as possible.

  • Always back up your thesis with relevant examples

In this subject, whether you approve or disapprove a point, you need to back up your actions with appropriate cases. You should never write what you are not so sure.

With these tips, you can choose a wide number of best philosophy research paper topics that will suit your assignments. Some of the most common issues include: Harry Porter: Subjectivism versus Objectivism, Self-Regard, and Skepticism, Postmodern Philosophies of Nature, Philosophies of the Upper Class, Cognitive Science, Ethics and Gender in Contemporary American politics, Ontologies of the Feminists, Relationships in Star Trek: How Language Discloses Personal Philosophies, Time Travel, A Defense On Abortion and Justice for All and Economic Justice

Philosophy Research Paper Topics for College Students

Do not make the lack of good philosophy research paper topics your worst nightmare. Even though working on a paper can get tough, it is still an essential part of your student life. Each semester, your professor will require you to write at least one research paper. You should not take a lot of time working on a paper you are not sure about the topic. You will only get anxious, and this will have you make bad decisions while handling other school assignments. You need to create good topics for a philosophy research paper, which you will get comfortable and enjoy the writing. Here are more topics to write a philosophy research paper on.

  • The value of knowledge and truth
  • Distinguishing between knowledge and vagueness.
  • Moral epistemology.
  • Rationalism and its modern application.
  • Feminist epistemology.
  • Idealism and its modern applications.
  • Behaviorism and cognitive science.
  • The existing dualism in the mind philosophy.
  • Language of thought and knowledge argument.
  • Critical thinking and subjectivity.
  • The theory of constructivism and conventionalism.
  • Determinism and freedom in society.
  • The theory of the Black Holes.
  • Relationship between sociology and functionalism.
  • The interpretation of the Copenhagen concept.
  • Quantum logic and probability theory.
  • The theory of scientific realism.
  • Learning and acquisition of natural and artificial languages.
  • Understanding events in semantic theory.
  • The philosophy of language.
  • Deconstruction and existentialism theories.
  • The theory of structuralism and post-structuralism.
  • The role of women in the history of philosophy.
  • The theory of ethical naturalism
  • Understanding ethics and morality and how they impact society.
  • Animal rights and their welfare in society.
  • The impact of genetics and the invention of reproductive technologies.
  • Medical ethics and its global implications.
  • Liberty and affirmative action.
  • Understanding the relationship between peace, war, and philosophy.
  • Aesthetic experience and judgment.
  • Analysis of War: You can use several books to compare and contrast ideas. This way, you will make an interesting analysis of the war.

Analysis of Human Rights: You can talk about how human rights create limitations on intolerance. You can also mention how the human rights of the old world differ from those of the present day. Include theories to back up your points.

Arguments of people who support abortion. What are the roles of the doctors? Abortion is a very arguable topic, and when discussing it, you need to tread carefully. Always back up your arguments with proven facts. If you get stuck on ideas, have a skillful writer assist you.

The consequences of becoming a young mum: An exciting as well as an educative topic for college students. You need to list the effects of teenage sex and educate on the advantages of practicing celibacy. Discuss the disadvantages of dropping out of school to take care of a baby. Also, mention the stress which comes when raising a child while jobless.

How to Get Good Topics Easily?

Coming up with eye-catching topics for your research paper can be daunting. You have seen some exciting issues you can work on to write good content for good scores. Implement them and whenever you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will have a professional research paper writer help you in your paper and ensure you get the best grades.

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