Psychology is a very vast and vital field of research. Finding the right topic, question or idea is just as difficult, if not more, as it is to write the whole research paper. To solve this problem, we have laid out a list of 30 topics for you. If you want to find a question for your research, we have provided a list of 10 questions as well. Also, there are 5 ideas in the end.

How to Select the Best Psychology Research Paper Topic? – Best Tips

Topics for research are myriad because of the vastness of this field. And you can’t establish one topic as better as there are so many gaps in the existing literature. Whatever area you pursue research in, the results will be useful both for the industry and academia. Essential factors to consider while choosing the topic of study include:

  • Your research interests.
  • The extent to which a topic has been studied in the past.
  • Your available resources
  • Your research capability.

One factor that establishes a topic as best for you is your personal aptitude of research. In this blog, we give you a total of 45 research suggestions; some phrased as topics, others as questions and ideas. All right cords with you, choose what you like for your research.

If you’ve got multiple areas of research interest, it’s better for you to study the one that is comparatively not well-researched so far. This way, you’ll be able to discover knowledge and create information about a topic that’s not so well-known in the academic till now. You can make a unique contribution with your effort and be the first one to explore an area of research.

Another factor that plays a role in your decision of the research topic is your resources. The research process involves some cost, and you need to have adequate sources of funding. Before finalizing a theme, try to come up with a research design and identify every stage of research. Carefully analyze and try to foresee all the resources that you’ll require to reach the results using the design you’ve chosen. Do this exercise for all areas of research you are interested in and select the one that costs just as much or lesser than the funding you have.

Finally, it’s not affordability that entirely matters. You should be able to execute the research design comfortably. So assess your research capability while making a choice.

30 Important and Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics

The topics we suggest cover all aspects of this field ranging from child psychology to social psychology and even animal behaviour. We purposely created a diverse list of topics, so there is at least one suitable topic for everybody who reads this blog. They are the following:

  • The impact of human thinking on dreams.
  • Long-term psychological effects of botox surgery.
  • Effects of single parenting on child psychology.
  • Gay marriages vs heterosexual marriages – expectations and outcomes.
  • Impact of gay parenting on child psychology.
  • Effect of higher salary of wife on a husband.
  • Psychological causes of gender-based pay disparity.
  • Impact of multicultural classroom environment on student psychology.
  • Interfaith marriages and child psychology.
  • Differences between human psychology and the psychology of animals.
  • Effect of change of caretakers on infants.
  • Love marriages vs arranged marriages.
  • Social media as the dominant psychological influence.
  • Perceptions of native population about immigrants.
  • Psychological causes of suicide attempts.
  • Social media as the shaper of gender roles.
  • The impact of military training on the psychology of soldiers.
  • Psychological causes of extra-marital affairs.
  • Psychological traits of successful business entrepreneurs.
  • Psychology of followers of an autocratic leader.
  • Child abuse as a psychological cause of eating disorders.
  • Relation between dreams and thought processes.
  • The influence of pop culture on the modern lifestyle.
  • Attention seeking behaviour – causes and implications.
  • Psychological benefits of raising an adopted child for childless couples.
  • Perceptions of men about working wives.
  • Differences between female and male teenager psychology.
  • Psychology of a fresh-from-college graduate.
  • Psychological analysis of Adolf Hitler.
  • The importance of studying human psychology.

10 Psychology Research Paper Questions that Need to be Studied

Many students tend to look for research paper questions. After all, they are very suitable for paper titles because any random visitor of your paper instantly learns what the research is about. 10 such questions related to psychology include:

  • Why do people want to project their best image on social media?
  • Why are social media influencers real celebrities?
  • Why people spend extravagantly on weddings?
  • What causes people to spend money on luxury items?
  • Why don’t some people want children?
  • How higher education changes you as a person?
  • How social interaction changes our outlook on life?
  • Why are dogs faithful pets?
  • Why are TV stars more revered than heroes on the battlefield?
  • What is the psychological basis for the formation of Ku Klux Klan?

5 of the Best Psychology Research Paper Ideas

The importance of research paper ideas cannot be underestimated either. They give you the main idea around which the whole research revolves. 5 best ideas for psychology-based research are:

  • Causes of eating disorders.
  • Psychological basis of depression.
  • Causes of social exclusion among teenagers.
  • The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Causes of xenophobia.

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