Racism is a critical theme in modern society. Even though the times of slavery are long gone, it is still a problem in many countries. No matter how well they protect human rights in the United States, for example, discrimination and prejudices still take place. That is why it is a common subject of discussion in educational establishments.

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Racism Research Paper Topics for College Students Offered by Experts

Most often, you will have to write about racism for your history class. This term is a creation of humans, and it doesn’t exist biologically. Describing slavery in the United States is not the only option. It is your opportunity to learn more about this phenomenon and share your ideas with other people. Here are some ideas that our experts can cover for you:

  • The Impact of Politics of Colonialism on the Aborigines in Australia
  • Causes and Effects of Racial Prejudice in the 1950s
  • Was the Women’s Movement of 1960 Successful to Unite White and Black Women?
  • Black Power Movement: Origins and History
  • Can We Call Malcolm X a Racist?
  • The Main Reasons for Racial Prejudgments
  • Capitalism & Racism in Japan
  • The Theory of Protest by Socrates
  • Hate Crimes in the United States: Is Race a Factor?
  • The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Public Reaction
  • Evolutionary-Psychological Perspective of Racism
  • Did Darwin offer racial ideas in his works?
  • The Roots of Racial Discrimination
  • Stereotypes and Prejudice: Compare & Contrast
  • The Theory of Protest by Malcolm X
  • Roots of Islamophobia in Different Parts of the World
  • Proofs That Racism Still Exists in the US
  • Prejudice, Police Brutality, and Racism: The Connection between Three
  • Proper Education about Racism in Modern US Schools
  • What Countries Are the Most Racist?
  • Academic and Professional Barriers Caused by Racial Factors
  • Oscars Boycott: Reasons and Outcomes
  • The Best Approaches to Dealing with Racial Prejudices
  • How Muslims Are Discriminated in the United States
  • The Context of Racism Speech (any of them)
  • The Theory of Protest by Dr. King
  • In-depth Analysis of “The Help” Film
  • Different Types of Racism
  • Defining Racism from Various Aspects
  • Explicit & Implicit Racial Biases

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