Research Paper Cover Page

Tips to Draft a Research Paper Cover Page

The very first impression that your article makes on the reader is very often their last impression of it. Few will be interested in going through a research paper that is not interesting. This is why your research paper cover page must not only provide a brief glimpse to the reader on what the topic is about but it must also be drawn up in such a fashion as to arouse the reader’s interest. This is where academic writing sites like can assist you by charting out the ideal research paper cover page.

Generally, a cover page should have the following details:

It may seem easy to arrange these – after all the main content is in the research paper itself – but it can be surprisingly confusing. The trouble is that the reader might have to do very little with the research paper content if he is unimpressed or misled by a shoddily made cover page. If you were writing a literary research paper, for instance, on a Shakespearian theme, it would be foolish to forget to mention the name of the play it is based on. Sometimes it may be a good idea to go into a little detail regarding the topic. For example, it is better to state that the topic revolves around “Macbeth’s rise and fall” rather than a very general “Analysis of A Shakespearian Tragic Character”. Also formatting is one major problem. Thus, whatever else it may have, a research paper cover page must look good.

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