Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Cover Page for a Research Paper

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
8 January 2019

How to Make a Research Paper Cover Page

A cover page of a paper is what gives your readers an overview of what the whole paper is about. Students should, therefore, learn how to draft a cover page appropriately since it is the first thing the person sees when looking at the paper. At the same time, for many students, writing a research paper can be easy, but formatting it and creating its paper cover page is challenging. In general, it should be noted that there are three main styles used to format cover pages in academic writing; – APA, MLA, and Chicago style. However, you should format your cover page depending on the teacher’s instructions.

What Is a Research Paper Cover Page and How to Format It

As already mentioned, a cover page is the first page of your paper that provides some formal information on your research. It is essential to invest efforts and time in developing a good research paper cover page. As you frame your cover page, your main focus should be giving your readers a glimpse of what to expect from your paper. The following are general elements of the research paper cover page:

  • The title of the research paper

The title of your article should be placed halfway down the page and centrally aligned. Sometimes, according to the specific requirements of the educational institution or the teacher, you are expected to put the topic of the paper in caps. Also, remember to use a legible font size.

  • The name of the researcher

The name comes after the title. Type your full official name in the same font you put the topic. You can also include your middle name initials.

  • Course information

The details of the course are written after your name. It should include the semester of the course, students’ academic year, and the course code.

  • The name of the supervisor

Write the full name of the instructor overseeing the project. After the lecturer’s name, you can also include the date of submission.

Useful Tips on How to Make a Research Paper Cover Page

Here are some of the tips you can use to come up with a flawless cover page for your research paper. First of all, when using APA style, it is recommended to use the New Times Roman font at 12 points to make your work readable. Also, remember to set your margins at approximately one inch on all sides and double space the entire paper. As you write the title, begin typing it a third way down of your paper. Keep it brief and precise and write the keywords in capital letters. In the APA format, the cover page is numbered, and the page number should be at the top right corner of the document. Type the running head at the header, where the title page is written in capital letters.

When instructed to use the MLA format, begin writing the title a third way down the paper. In case you have a subtitle, include it there. Your name should appear after the heading, and it should be followed by the name of the institution and the course title and number. Write the lecturer’s name approximately two lines down. The entire text should be aligned at the center and double-spaced.. You should also include a running head where the page number appears, and your last name appears in the right corner. Use a legible font preferably Times New Roman at point 12. Ensure the margins are set at one inch.

The Chicago format is rarely used when writing academic research papers. However, when the teacher specifically asks you to use it, you should align the entire cover page details in the center. Begin by writing the title halfway down the page. It should then be followed by your official name written in full. The name of the supervising instructor comes next and is followed by the course title. You can include the date of submission after the course details. In Chicago formatting style, the cover page is not numbered. As you use these tips to frame your cover page, ensure you double check your work once you are done. The guidelines should be followed accordingly, and any mistakes made should be rectified. It is also essential that your title is catchy to draw in your readers.

What to Do If You Have No Idea How to Format a Cover Page?

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