Writers of academic papers are required to document any source of the information they used in their papers. The thing is that referring to all the original works used as the sources of information for the research paper helps the readers to easily consult the original works. Moreover, quoting the sources accurately and properly helps the writer to avoid plagiarism, which is considered to be a grave violation in the academic world. Moreover, repercussions of plagiarism cases may lead to redoing the course or even more dire consequences such as expulsion from the educational institution.

Peculiarities of the Various Research Paper Writing Styles

In research paper writing, there are no shortcuts or ready-to-fill templates that can allow one to quickly complete their paper. That is why to write an excellent paper, it is mandatory for one to invest time and efforts. The most crucial aspect of mastering the research paper writing process is by first learning the different types of styles used in writing research papers. If a student is not totally proficient in the writing styles, it is advisable to consult different useful sources such as books and manuals with citing and referencing information.

On the whole, the main writing styles include:

  • The American Psychological Association (APA) Style

The APA style is often used in citing and formatting papers in social sciences such as Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Criminology, Nursing, etc. The APA citation style also deals with the general style in writing, organization of content and preparing the paper for publishing.

  • The Modern Language Association (MLA) Style

The MLA style of formatting and citation is commonly used in the fields of Liberal Arts, Arts, and Humanities. The major upside of using this citation and formatting style is because it gives a writer a formatting tool which can be used in different types of sources such as manuscripts, maps, charts, government publications, newspapers, and oral interviews.

  • The Harvard Citation Style

The Harvard Citation Style is pretty similar to the APA style of formatting. It is commonly used in the fields of humanities.

  • The Chicago/ Turabian Style of Citation

The Chicago Citation Style and the Turabian Style are quite similar. These two styles are designed for use in the fields of economics and history. Moreover, the Turabian Style of Citation is, essentially, a modification of the Chicago Style adapted for ease of use by the students. The Turabian Style is used in arts, literature, and history fields. Also, there is a style used particularly in the scientific field as well as in social and natural sciences. The Chicago Citation Style includes notes, bibliography, and the author-date citation style.

  • The Council of Biology Editors (CBE) Style

The CBE citation style is most commonly used in writing of research papers and citing sources in the field of Biology. Research papers in Biology have to adhere to the requirements of Scientific Format and Style.

  • The Columbia Guide to Online (CGOS) Style

This style is a specialized guide for citing, referencing, and creating electronic sources. The CGOS addresses the peculiarities of the online publishing practice. The CGOS style is the best recommendation for students who want to learn the rules of online citation.

Research Paper Styles

Research papers are of different styles. You choose the style of your research paper based on the requirements of topic and design of your research. Here is a brief summary of different styles:

  • Analytical research paper

It describes different viewpoints on a subject. The conclusion is drawn based on the analysis of the info provided.

  • Persuasive research paper

It is also called as an argumentative research paper. It illustrates the problem with respect to two perspectives. One is preferred over the other after a discussion of the pros and cons of each.

  • Cause and effect research paper

It is the style that describes a situation. The conclusion is drawn based on a study of the causes and effects.

  • Experimental research paper

Researchers conduct an experiment and share their results in the paper. Data is provided, and inferences are drawn from its analysis.

  • Survey research paper

This is the typical research paper in which responses are collected from the research participants on such tools as a questionnaire or an interview. Responses collected are analyzed. Conclusions are based on the outcomes of the analysis.

  • Problem-solution research paper

It is the research paper in which the authors discuss a problem, propose a suitable solution for it, and defend it.

  • Report research paper

As the name indicates, it is a report that compiles the work is done and findings obtained over a specific topic.

What to Do If You Don’t Know Which Writing Style to Use?

In research paper writing, it is imperative to be fully prepared and conversant with all the different citation and formatting styles. Besides, it is important to keep in mind that there will be instances when one will be required to write papers on topics they are not familiar with. When in this situation, it is important for the student to find more information on the subject of the paper and the aptest citation style for writing the research paper. Journals, guidebooks and encyclopedias on the same topic are useful sources for learning more about the subject and the appropriate style for writing.

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