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We’ve heard it all before. You have to write an entire term paper, proving that you’ve actually been paying attention all semester by intelligently answering a complicated question, and you haven’t had the time to even crack the textbook yet. We understand. Although our writing staff makes it a habit to study new things all the time, we realize that not everyone has this interest or the time to pursue it. When you need strong quality content, you can feel confident turning to us to ensure your paper meets your assignment needs.

Each paper is unique

An important part of our service is geared toward ensuring your term paper is written strictly for you with no risk of plagiarism charges being levied against you or concerns about privacy in using our services. Although we are able to complete the necessary research required for each paper in a fraction of the time it takes the average student, this is the result of a strong familiarity with the field and an intimate understanding of the materials available. Our writers can go directly to the sources needed and begin writing rather than wasting a great deal of time getting to know the subject matter. Our policy is to never keep copies of papers written, which further contributes to your safety.

Proper formatting

We know that quality depends not only on engaging content and professional referencing but also on proper formatting. An important element of term papers is the ability to organize material in a way that supports a single point. Higher quality papers will do this while also giving the paper a ‘personality’, making it easier to read and applicable to contemporary life. This content also depends on expert sources as support, something our writers intimately understand. As writers ourselves, it is important to us that we provide credit where credit is due and rigorously cite all sources used. Expert sources might include:

  • books,
  • journal articles,
  • newspaper features,
  • video footage,
  • reputable Internet sites,
  • white papers,
  • government sources,
  • radio transcripts etc.

We are familiar with all of the major formatting requirements such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago or Turabian. We can also ensure your dissertation or term paper is in the proper sequence with all the essential elements included.

No plagiarism

Although our writers are very careful to cite all sources used, we understand a ‘handshake’ guarantee is not very comforting when no palms have touched. To provide you with better protection, we automatically run completed papers through powerful anti-plagiarism software engines. There have been the rare positive returns in the past, helping us to screen out writers who don’t measure up to our standards, but these are returned to the writer for full revision before the document is made available to you. As a result, you can be assured that the paper delivered to you in fulfillment of your order is original and targeted to your exact requirements.

In the event you have questions, concerns or for some reason cannot find satisfactory response from your personal writer, we will also provide you with support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use the method of contact that works best for you – phone, fax, email, message boards, live chat – and we will work to find solutions for you quickly.