History is a subject that is closely related to the concept of space and time. To understand historical events, you have to learn about where and when some event happened. By definition, history is the study of past events that somehow affected human life.

History is a commonly offered subject in most learning institutions, and the knowledge of history is often tested through written assignments. If you are a history student, you will undoubtedly be expected to deliver written history assignments such as research papers, term papers, reports, theses, and dissertations.

In this respect, most students have openly stated that selecting a suitable essay topic for their history assignments is often a challenge. As a quick and effortless solution to your problems, this article has a list of interesting history topics bound to attract the reader’s attention. The article also provides an informative guide on what is the best path to follow when selecting your paper title and in general, writing a paper.

15 Research Paper Questions for Your History Assignments

Very often, students have to ask themselves certain questions to write an informative paper. Here is a list of such questions:

  • What was Homer’s contribution to documenting the history of Ancient Greece?
  • How did military advancements in technology influence Hitler’s rise to power?
  • What are the main characteristics of the Dark Ages?
  • Did the interrogation of Nazi scientists in “Operation Paperclip” lead to the onset of the space race?
  • Why is the war between Iran and Iraq considered as a proxy of modern warfare?
  • What was the primary cause of the Second World War?
  • What events led to the fall of the Roman empire?
  • Why was the US president J. F. Kennedy assassinated?
  • What are the implications of British colonial rule in Africa?
  • What was the effect of World War I on the European economy?
  • What are the significant differences in American architectural designs now and during the Renaissance?
  • How did the Roman Olympic Games initiate?
  • What are the similarities between Ancient Roman and British rule?
  • What was the US justification for the use of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  • What post World War II plans were discussed at “The Yalta Conference”?

How to Select the Best History Research Paper Topic? A Helpful Guide

How best can you decide on what to write about when confronted with a research paper? First, you need to identify a topic that is relevant to your course and the one you are interested in. The ability to come up with a good research topic in history is quite important since it predetermines the quality and topicality of the whole paper. Here are a few things you need to look over when selecting a history paper topic:

  • Brainstorm on some of the questions provided above
  • Choose an understandable subject
  • Ensure that the topic has enough material to conduct research
  • Define the topic you want to focus on
  • Read more on the selected topic and decide if it suits you or not

Long List of Informative and Interesting History Research Paper Topics

When selecting a topic, you should settle for the one that can offer your audience a complete picture of the theme and not overload them with too much information. You are welcome to use the topics derived from significant historical eras provided below for some inspiration:

  • The impact of the Industrial Revolution on third world countries
  • The Vietnam War and its consequences
  • The growth of American society due to the American Revolution
  • The result of the establishment of democracy in France
  • The reasons for the failure of the Weimar Republic
  • The effect of the Cold War on world economies
  • The significance of the Battle of Hastings on the history of England
  • The concept of communism
  • The rise of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Deities and evidence of spirituality in the ancient Egyptian culture
  • Impact of colonial rule on African culture
  • The hippie lifestyle, its conception, and influence on the US culture
  • The rise of the People’s Republic of China and its contribution to globalization
  • The success of educational systems during the Middle Ages
  • Colonization of the Americas
  • Factors that led to the American Revolution
  • A comparison of the various Greek scholars and their contribution to the modern world
  • The role of George Washington in the fight for American independence
  • The importance of agriculture in Ancient Greece
  • Artistic and cultural aspects of Greek societies
  • The evolution and growth of ancient Egypt to its current state
  • American discovery of ancient Egyptian societies
  • The establishment and development of the Roman Empire
  • Slavery and its influence on American culture
  • The importance of sporting activities in ancient Rome
  • Comparison of the Pope’s power today and in the Middle Ages
  • The characteristics of Sparta that make them different from other cities in Greece
  • The golden age of Caribbean pirates
  • The motivation of holy wars in the Dark Ages
  • The interaction of native Americans and British settlers
  • The fall of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations
  • The colonization of Guatemala
  • The rise and fall of Ancient Egypt culture
  • Changes in the European economy after World War I
  • Causes and consequences of the sexual revolution
  • Factors leading to the abolishment of slavery
  • Similarities between Jihads and Crusades
  • The United State’s involvement in the Second World War
  • The influence of the J. F Kennedy’s assassination on today’s presidential security systems
  • Ethical and moral implications of Puritanism in the US
  • Roman conquests and their impact on other cultures
  • Adverse effects of the Great Depression
  • Slavery and the Civil War in the US
  • Margaret Thatcher role as the first woman in the British political system
  • The political structure of Ancient Egypt
  • Examples of significant progress during the Dark Ages
  • The introduction and spread of slavery in America
  • American fight for diversity and equal representation
  • Reasons for the fall of the communist regime in Russia
  • The Holocaust and its effect on Jewish settlers in Europe

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