Suicide Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
21 April 2022

What is Suicide Research Paper Topic?

When a supervisor provides a research paper topic, one may feel sad about the lack of freedom of choice. However, this sadness will seem easy when you are given complete freedom in choosing a topic regarding such a serious theme as suicide. However, the task is not easy. What to rely on when choosing the topic of such a research paper?

The topic is the guiding vector for any academic assignment. The correspondence between theoretical and empirical research is one of the main signs of a good paper.

Advice on how to choose research paper topics about suicide is described in the article below. We will also share a list of sample topics in this area.

How to Choose Suicide Research Paper Topic?

Choosing the right research paper topic is an important step in learning. So how not make a mistake? Take advantage of our simple tips:

  • Focus on personal interest.
  • Dive in the direction.
  • Think big.
  • Bet on the experiment.

No matter how exciting the topic of a research paper is for you, it should also be understandable and in demand in the professional community. Thus, it is worth checking for relevance. Remember that only relevant topics receive A grades. Below we have compiled a list of these.

List of Suicide Research Paper Topics: Top-20

  1. Suicidal behavior as a form of personality deviation.
  2. Social assessment of suicides.
  3. Suicide is a consequence of a violation of the psychosexual development of the personality.
  4. Psychological help in case of suicide.
  5. Practical study of methods for the prevention and correction of suicidal tendencies.
  6. Suicidal behavior.
  7. The nature of conscious suicide.
  8. Changing attitudes towards the phenomenon of suicide from antiquity to the present day.
  9. Attitudes towards suicide in various religions.
  10. Passive suicidal thoughts.
  11. Psychological aspects of suicide in military units.
  12. Psychological diagnosis of suicidal behavior.
  13. The psychology of suicide is first of all the psychology of hopelessness.
  14. Directions of work of teachers, psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, and social educators in the prevention of depression and suicide.
  15. Suicide as a result of mental illness.
  16. How does the religious factor affect the number of suicides?
  17. Psychological aspects of the problem of suicide.
  18. External forms of suicidal behavior.
  19. Methods and means of correction and prevention of suicidal and addictive behavior.
  20. Reasons for the formation of suicidal attitudes and behavior.

20 Interesting Suicide Research Paper Topics

  1. Problems of statistical information on suicides.
  2. Measures to prevent suicide among children and adolescents.
  3. Psychology of addictive and suicidal behavior.
  4. Dynamics of the level of development of various components of the psyche in the norm and suicidal tendencies.
  5. The main mechanism specific to suicidal behavior and triggering the act of suicide is the inversion of attitudes towards life and death.
  6. Two phases of the nature of the suicidal conflict.
  7. Manic suicide.
  8. Factors influencing the phenomenon of suicide at different times in different countries.
  9. First aid for potential suicide.
  10. Increasing the level of socio-psychological adaptation after a suicide attempt.
  11. Formation of addictions and suicidal tendencies.
  12. Sociological theory of suicide.
  13. Conscious suicide is the result of the manifestation of a capable will.
  14. Suicide in terms of psychiatry.
  15. Psychological counseling for suicidal behavior.
  16. Suicide in youth subcultures.
  17. Psychological characteristics of the personality of deviants with addictive forms of behavior as a factor in the manifestation of suicidal tendencies.
  18. Analysis of suicide from the point of view of an ordinary person.
  19. Analysis of the attitude of some social groups to suicide at present.
  20. Suicide is a social phenomenon.

10 Bonus Suicide Research Paper Ideas

  1. The issue of suicide prevention.
  2. An ethical analysis of suicide.
  3. Counseling and corrective work with people who initiate suicidal tendencies in behavior.
  4. Suicide is “a disease of the developed intellect.”
  5. Automatic and impulsive suicide.
  6. Problems of suicidal behavior.
  7. Causes of suicidal behavior in adolescence.
  8. Suicides: general concepts, terminology, prevalence.
  9. Suicide of the obsessive.
  10. Dynamics of development of suicidal behavior.

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