Feminist Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
30 March 2022

Great Feminist Research Paper Topics

At present, the matters of gender equality are viral around the world. Women feel strong enough to leap forward and speak up for themselves. Writing a researched essay on the feminist movement is a highly challenging task. It is controversial and offers tons of ideas for relevant and original research.

Yet, it is also pretty perplexing as some themes are sensitive, while others are too trending to propose unique arguments. Also, note that gender studies are currently widely speculated, and at times, people even may publish false statistics to prove their point. Hence, usage of the checked facts is crucial. Read on if you seek a topic that can be ideal for your research paper about the feminist movement.

We have collected some tips to help you create an outstanding assignment paper about gender and women. See our list of carefully gathered topics and choose the best idea for your project straightaway. However, check out a few handy guidelines on correct topic selection before you look over our topic list.

How to Select the Best Feminist Research Paper Topic?

As mentioned earlier, gender is a highly vulnerable topic in society, and there are no stable definitions and methods of research accepted by everybody in the world. Unlike writing on a specific topic assigned by the lecturer, such freedom of choice comes with some responsibilities.

If selecting a topic for a research paper about the feminist movement is not your favorite work on the agenda, we will give you some tips to deal with this challenge.

  1. You need to browse the web for hours or even days to find a decent topic.
  2. Even once you find a nice one, it may not always perfectly match the given instructions.
  3. You may adapt the theme to comply with the brief. Then, what if enough sources do not support it?
  4. Look over databases first to check whether your theme has enough study material to work on. Then, what if the subject is no longer attractive to you?
  5. You may change it again. Every theme is flexible, so just adjust the approach, timeframe, and geographical domain. Try other ways to see what research idea is perfect for you.

Overall, the topic choice is a complicated process. Yet, it’s not condemned to failure. So do not be afraid to experiment.

List of Best Feminist Research Paper Topics: 15 Bulletproof Ideas

Ready to start? Here is the list:

  1. Outline the women’s history in American political affairs.
  2. What is the influence of feminist ideas on the private lives of women?
  3. Can feminism lead to women’s superiority?
  4. Analyzing the myths about feminism and its activists.
  5. How many genders are there in humanity?
  6. Your view on Mary Wollstonecraft’s tract of 1794, a Woman’s Rights Vindication.
  7. The possibility of feminism-focused theory.
  8. Females work harder for less money but are still kept off many industries.
  9. Ways in which ladies reflect the male characters nowadays.
  10. Compare opinions on the gender of Martin Luther King and Wollstonecraft.
  11. Analyze the rapid feminism activation in the 20th century.
  12. What is the connection between criminality and feminism?
  13. Why are technology, science, and innovation upholding women’s rights
  14. Expression of feminism: appropriate and inappropriate means of
  15. What region in the world has the most significant women’s problems?

Have you found a decent theme? If not, move on to the next section.

15 Feminist Sociology-Based Research Paper Topics

Here is the collection of the best sociology-based research papers about feminist ideas:

  1. Why must notions of sexism be eliminated from the study results?
  2. Can feminism grow into a new trend?
  3. Descriptive and normative components in feminist theory.
  4. Are there requirements of profession-based distinction for males and females?
  5. Sociology and knowledge in feminism: main contributions to the higher education.
  6. Analyze key feminist approaches in social science and their effectiveness.
  7. Can feminism lead to the development of a new type of discrimination?
  8. Intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color.
  9. How does gender identity influence psychology?
  10. Media-ready feminism and day-to-day sexism.
  11. What are feminist trends in 2022?
  12. Why do some people consider feminism as a sign of promiscuity of the current generation?
  13. What countries are the most noticeable flashpoint of feminism?
  14. How do powers that be deal with feminist movements?
  15. Sexual orientation is the main trigger of feminism.

If still in doubt, look further. Again, we have another exciting list.

10 Topics for Feminist Philosophy-Focused Research Paper

Are you interested in philosophy and its widespread impact on feminism? Here is what you can choose from.

  1. The notion of feminism as a philosophy of life
  2. What factors still prevent women from reaching equality?
  3. Is feminism the choice of a single human being or a society?
  4. The role of a woman in the notable works of the famed philosophers.
  5. How has liberalism affected the way females think?
  6. What are the three main stages in ladies’ writing over the centuries?
  7. What was the initial point for philosophical reflection on the concept of feminism?
  8. The place of fashion in differentiating the feminists.
  9. What is the place of stereotypes in the 21st century?
  10. Is the sentiment of feminists relevant to the present generation?

Now that you have read the previous section, you may have found something thought-provoking to write about. For other ideas, let’s proceed to the next section.

10 Best Feminist Research Paper Ideas

See some more curious research papers about feminist concepts.

  1. How do influencers impact the revolution of feminists?
  2. How has social media transformed the feminist movement?
  3. To some extent, every human is a feminist.
  4. The concept of gender and the sexual revolution.
  5. The era of social networks and feminism development
  6. Explore critical arguments against the feminist movement.
  7. Why do the non-feminists disagree with feminists?
  8. In which countries are feminist assemblies illegal?
  9. Does contemporary feminism have its culture?
  10. What is the primary source of feminism?

This is the end of our list. We hope you have found the best idea for your paper.

What’s Next?

Are you hesitating about the legitimacy of the research paper about feminists or the accuracy of the info it provides? Then you may consult some specialists. Also, remember that personal experience is vital in gender studies, as it can provide you with some insights and guide you in writing the paper. Besides, disregarding what genders you are referring to, try to avoid any type of discrimination. This type of research aims to enhance understanding of the gender notion.

Imagine that mixed audience of diverse genders listening to it to ensure that your work does not tell anyone apart. If everything feels fine, it means you succeeded in writing an unbiased and worthy paper. If you still find it hard to write such a research paper, contact our expert writers. They will help you with any topic of your choice. You can count on us anytime you need help.

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