A global issue may be defined as any problem that affects at large the global community. It could range from a minor problem to a significant or catastrophic disaster that threatens the human race existence. Global issues are categorized into environmental, social, economic or political. With a world population of nearly 7 billion, it may become a bit challenging for a student to select a global issue research paper topic that will be seen to cut across all continents. There are so many topics, and therefore a student has to be able to pick one and narrow down on it.

Need a Secret on How to Select the Best Global Issues Research Paper Topic?

The critical factor in selecting global issues research topics all lies with the area of interest of the student. That is why for such a research paper, lecturers always leave the topic selection entirely to the student. Once an area of interest has been established, say environmental, the student has to narrow it down further. One should do proper research to establish that the issue you want to focus on is a global problem and not just one that affects your country or region. Say you live in a part where there is a shortage of rainfall. You may want to research on reasons why but fail to realize that there are areas tropic areas that receive rainfall year-round. Once you indeed identify that the narrowed down area is a global menace, you may now come up with a witty and exciting topic from it and let all your research work focus around that topic.

Consider the Following Interesting Global Issues Research Paper Topics

Selection of a specific topic proves to the intended audience that yes you did your research and did not just settle for a vague topic for the sake of writing an essay. The good thing about global issues is that acquiring any information you may need is not difficult because all across nations, they are the most talked about concerns. We have combined a list of global issues research paper topics below to aid you.

  • Global warming and climate change
  • Water contamination and Shortage
  • Violence and Conflict Resolution
  • World Trade and Tourism
  • Corruption in Governance Systems
  • Technology
  • Poverty
  • Terrorism
  • War against Child Abuse and Marriages
  • Food Insecurity
  • Unemployment
  • Promotion of Ethnic and Racial Equality
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Exploration of Space
  • Migration and Urban Population
  • Wild Animals Endangered Species
  • Substance Abuse
  • Pollution
  • Nuclear Energy
  • AIDS
  • Ebola Outbreak
  • Inequality across Social Classes
  • Access to Basic Human Rights
  • Sustainable Energy Development
  • Gender Equality and Women’s Rights
  • Refugees
  • Slavery and Forced Labour
  • Fuel Prices
  • Lack of Education
  • Health

Global Issues Research Paper Questions to Guide your Topic Selection

Before any student begins to write a global issues research paper, it is essential that they assume themselves to be the audience. When anyone reads my topic, even before reading my paper, what questions do they expect my research work to answer? With this in mind, you can carefully craft sub-topics to the main topic that will answer those questions. We have compiled a list of such below.

  • Should countries allocate funds towards space exploration admit food insecurity crisis?
  • How can technology be used to promote peace and security?
  • What are the effects of pollution on the environment?
  • How can the youth mindset be changed towards self-employment?
  • With the rise in global warming, what climatic conditions are expected 50 years from now?
  • How can drug and substance abuse be prevented among the youth?
  • What are the long term effects of deforestation?
  • What is the relationship between religion and terrorism?
  • Should nuclear energy be used in war?
  • What are the basic Human Rights of a refugee?

Here Are a Few Global Issues Research Paper Ideas That Can Give Excellent Topics

Planning is everything. One doesn’t sit down and make things up along the way. That is the sure recipe to a bad research paper. It is prudent for a student tidiest come up and toy with different ideas to get it right. From the ideas noted, one can be able to clearly see their area of interest and then choose a topic that sums up their best ideas. Below is a list that will help.

  • Sustainable development for future generations
  • Rights of every child to education
  • Right to access health care
  • Industrialization versus Agriculture
  • War on Drug Abuse

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