List of Great Technology Research Paper Topics and Expert Guidelines

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
25 November 2010

The Best Technology Research Paper Topics

Technology is the main driver of progress today. One of the best ways to gain more knowledge in this area is through writing research papers on various subjects in this field. Besides, a lot of issues come up in the sphere of technology on a daily basis. Consequently, students need to update their knowledge constantly, and these are written assignments that contribute to that. The thing is that when writing an academic paper in technology, one can have multiple options of topics. However, settling for the right one may not be easy. So, how do you select the most suitable technology research paper topic? Get the insight here.

How to Select the Best Technology Research Paper Topic? Here’s How

A paper on technological topics should provide the reader with some new information in the technological sphere. First, it should showcase that the writer is knowledgeable in the given area. Moreover, a student should also be innovative in their approach. A quality paper begins with the type of topic you choose. Here are several guidelines that will help you come up with a suitable topic.

Firstly, consider a technology topic that has been tackled before. You can do this by reading technical journals and articles. By reading such texts, you are likely to notice the areas of weaknesses that you can build on.

Secondly, conduct internet research to find out the emerging issues about technology. The subject can be about how to stop cyberbullying or to determine fake news from the internet. There are some of the issues that affect the general populace today. There are also issues such as the impact of artificial intelligence on the productivity of the country. Either way, these are topics that the readers are likely to be interested in.

Moreover, do not divert from the guidelines provided by the instructor. When pursuing a technology-related course, the teacher may guide you on the specific areas your research should cover. For instance, if the topics should be in the area of genetic engineering, it is critical to stick to those exact instructions.

An Exhaustive List of Technology Research Paper Topics

The current generation has a lot to do as far as technology is concerned. Use the technological topics below and adjust them to suit your specific assignment:

  • Describe the extent to which social media influence the relationship between people
  • Explain how technology is used in the military
  • Analyze the subject of genetic engineering
  • Analyze how technological innovations are used in cancer treatment
  • Assess the extent of usage of technological devices in communication
  • Application of technology in movie production
  • The relationship between technological advancement and improvement in the standard of living
  • Explain the differences between organic and genetically modified foods
  • Demystifying glass technology
  • The use of technology in the management of cardiac complications
  • Robotics and their application in the world today
  • Explain how the use of technological devices has influenced the behavior of children today as compared to twenty years ago
  • Explain the role of technology in solving the world problems today
  • The negative and positive effects of social media on society
  • Describe how restricted access to the internet affects the development of a selected country
  • The benefits of using iPads in the educational process
  • The impact of giving children below 12 years sophisticated technological devices
  • Preventing hacking in the military
  • Explain the impact of using robots in the healthcare system
  • A thorough analysis of virtual reality
  • Describe your perspective on how technology is likely to advance in the next ten years
  • Explain the use of virtual reality in education
  • Explain the impact of internet use on the quality of research
  • The impact of technology on human creativity
  • Effects of blogs on reading patterns
  • Explain the impact of nuclear technology on military efficiency
  • Drones and their applications
  • Social profiles and how they affect hiring decisions
  • Texting and its impact on relationships
  • The dangers of overusing a phone
  • Technology and workplace interaction
  • Incorporating social media in learning
  • The impact of social media on learning
  • Managing social media addiction
  • Monitoring social media use at home
  • Explain how technology can be used to control the human brain
  • Ethical issues in genetic engineering
  • The future of cloning
  • The methods of improving IT security
  • The contribution of women to technological innovations
  • Describe the use of technology in enhancing safety
  • Explain how to detect technical fraud
  • The impact of technology in advertising
  • Explain the effectiveness of technological filters
  • Assess the safety of self-driving cars
  • The future of digital currency
  • Social media and its impact on self-confidence
  • Digital tools and how they influence productivity
  • The impact of video gaming on the mental health of children
  • Staying safe while using social media
  • The moral issues concerning surrogacy
  • Technology as the basis of NASA discoveries
  • Ensuring the safety of your funds when transacting online
  • The impact of social media on business growth
  • Explain the use of animals in disease testing
  • The use of technology in parenting
  • Compare and contrast the functionality of the computer and the human brain
  • Compatibility in technological devices
  • Technology and its effects on access to information
  • Evolution of e-commerce
  • Dealing with e-waste
  • Globalization and its effects on the economic growth
  • Discuss the use of identity chips in the improvement of security
  • The gist of cyberbullying and the ways to cope with it
  • Effective laws to curb cyberbullying
  • The relationship between technology and religion
  • Give the justifications for genetic cloning
  • Explain the DNA technology
  • Technology and mental health
  • Application of the drones in warfare
  • Understanding computer languages
  • Explain how technology can be used to curb environmental degradation
  • Understanding search engine optimization (SEO)
  • The dangers of computer viruses
  • The functionality of the GPS
  • Opportunities availed by the technological development
  • The phenomenon of online dating
  • The internet and increase in pornography
  • Use of the internet by different age groups
  • The use of technology in the mining sector
  • Understanding internet crimes
  • Money laundering and the internet
  • Understanding ethical hacking
  • The influence of the internet in governance
  • Current trends in web design
  • The future of software development
  • Improving the operation of a website
  • Describe the use of light in cancer treatment
  • Digital currency and economic development
  • The process of investigating cyber crimes
  • The benefits of optic fiber technology
  • Describe the technological evolution in the banking sector
  • Controlling pornography on the internet
  • The evolution of engineering technology
  • The right approach to artificial intelligence development
  • The future of mobile telephony
  • A religious perspective on technology
  • Importance of studying the space
  • Technology and its impact on cultures
  • Use of technology in fishing
  • Comprehending 3D printing

Other Important Technology Research Paper Questions

There are several questions that you can also consider:

  • Are there reasons for discouraging the use of social media among the youth?
  • What are the effects of the excessive use of cell phones?
  • How can technology be used to prevent terrorist attacks?
  • How is the internet likely to affect the relationships between people in the future?
  • How is an e-commerce website set-up?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of online dating?
  • Does the use of the digital information system make a company more efficient?
  • How can people use technology to transform the world today?
  • Can genetically modified foods help to solve the problems of food shortage?
  • Have people with disabilities benefited from technological advancement?

Bonus Technology Research Paper Ideas

Besides, when picking the topic, you can also consider emerging technological issues such as the impact of technology on the environment. Such topics are very likely to interest the readers.

It should also be noted that the task does not end when you choose the topic. After that important stage, you should understand the details of what to include in the technology paper. Conduct research on the specific topic that you have selected. Moreover, ensure that you do not divert from the requirements of the question.

If you feel that these technology topics are too complicated for you, request our experts for professional assistance. We can help you not only choose the right topic but also write a whole paper. Contact us today for the details!

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